How To Earn Blue Essence In League Of Legends

So you’ve started playing League of Legends. And now, you find yourself struggling to buy all the champions you want to play. Can’t seem to have enough Blue Essence? Are you looking to buy a new champion but don’t want to fork over cash for something you can get for free? We got you covered.


What is Blue Essence?

Blue Essence is one of the in-game currencies in League of Legends that you can use to unlock more content. Basically you’ll need it to make the most out of the game. It’s represented by a blue shard iconand you can see how much BE you have on the top right portion of the game client.

How do you get Blue Essence?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to know all the ways you can earn Blue Essence in the game. Unlike Riot Points, which cost money to buy, the best thing about Blue Essence is that it’s entirely free.So if you just keep playing the game long enough, you’ll eventually get enough Blue Essence to buy everything that you need. Aside from simply playing the game, here are all the other ways you can earn Blue Essence in League of Legends:

Leveling up

This is the most basic way to earn Blue Essence. As soon as you reach level 5, you’ll start getting Champion Capsules in your loot inventory. These capsules sometimes contain a small amount of Blue Essence but it will always contain a Champion Shard. 

As you can see, a Champion Shard can be disenchanted for a lot of Blue Essence, but that depends on who the champion is and how much they are on the game’s store. If you have enough Blue Essence you can also use the shard to upgrade it so that you can own the champion permanently. It’ll also be at a discounted price so you may want to hold on to a champion shard you are interested in playing. 

Also, every time you hit a level milestone like if you reach Level 30, you’ll get a special capsule that contains more rewards you can use to increase your Blue Essence.

First Win of the Day

Everyday, League of Legends rewards you with a bonus 50 Blue Essence whenever you win your first game. This mission resets after 24 hours and also gives you 400 XP. If you play and win at least one game per day, that’ll amount to 350 Blue Essence at the end of the week. It may be small but it can prove to be useful in the long run.

Missions and Events

Every now and then, Riot hosts events at League of Legends that revolve around a real world holiday or an intricate story-line that ties in directly with the game’s lore. These missions and events yield a significant number of rewards. Some of these missions would reward you with Blue Essence. You would also get Event Tokens which you can exchange at the event shop for even more Blue Essence. 

Honor Capsules and Honor Orbs

With such a competitive environment, League of Legends can sometimes bring out the worst in us. To foster better player interactions, Riot introduced the honor system. After every game, everyone gets a chance to credit and recognize a teammate for good behavior. Every time you reach a milestone in your Honor ranking, you’ll get capsules and orbs that contain key fragments, champion shards, special emotes, and even ward skins. See? It pays to be nice in League of Legends.

Hextech Chests

Anytime you or your teammates earn a grade of S or higher on a match, you’ll each be rewarded a Hextech Chest. However, you’re going to need a Key to open a Hextech Chest. In order to get a Key you need three Key Fragments. Now, you can get key fragments just by being an honorable player in games, but keep in mind that these are given away randomly. Once you’ve gathered three, you can combine them to open your chest.

A single Hextech Chest can contain a champion skin shard, another Hextech Chest and Key, or, most importantly, a champion shard that you can disenchant for over 4800 Blue Essence.

What can you do with Blue Essence?

Now that you have all these Blue Essence, you finally get to spend it. I mean what use is your Blue Essence if you’re not gonna use it, right? Before you go off blowing your hard-earned Blue Essence, you need to know what exactly you can use it for. To help you spend them wisely, here are the things you can do using your Blue Essence:

Purchase Champions

This is where you’ll be spending most of your Blue Essence on. You can always count on Riot doing a good job on their champion designs. Whatever your playstyle is, I’m sure there is a champion out there that fits you like a glove. That being said, you can buy champions through the store or through upgrading champion shards.

Purchase Rune Pages

Rune Pages give your champion’s playstyle an added ‘oomph.’ These Runes are an integral part of the game and could be the deciding factor whether or not you win a match. So it makes sense that you would want to have multiple rune pages that fit your needs. Having multiple preset Rune pages could also save you time and give you a chance to talk strategy with your teammates before a match begins. Rune Pages can be bought for Blue Essence at the in-game store.

Upgrade your Champion Mastery to Level 6 or 7

What better way to celebrate outplaying your opponent than by showing off your mastery badge? I mean how else will they know that you’re better than them? If you want to upgrade your Mastery to level 6 or 7, you’re going to have to spend some Blue Essence to do so. It’s worth it of course. Not only do you get bragging rights, you also get to play mind games with your opponent by intimidating them with your Mastery Level.

Purchase Chromas

Apart from owning a skin, Chromas are the next best thing in terms of champion customization. It changes the color palette of whatever skin is currently equipped to your champion. Some champions even have Chromas available for their default skin. If you want to give your favorite champion a fresh coat of paint, without spending real money, you can buy Chromas with Blue Essence whenever they’re on sale.

Purchase Exclusive Content in the Essence Emporium

The Essence Emporium is a sale that occurs twice a year where you can buy in-game content using Blue Essence. If you have enough saved up, you can buy rare icons, emotes, and even champion skins.

Change your Summoner Name

Tired of your old summoner name? Finally came up with a witty name that will earn the respect of other players? You can change your name by buying a Summoner Name Change in the store. But be warned, it’s gonna cost ya some Blue Essence. So, only purchase this if you’re really sure. Or if that new name you thought of is too good to pass up on.

And there you have it. If you follow these methods closely, you’ll be swimming in Blue Essence in no time. See you on the Rift!