How To Duplicate A Sheet In Google Sheets

Imagine the kind of life where you’ll have to write everything manually. Poor hand! With the help of Google Sheets, one can easily input data and enjoy several of its hassle-free functions. However, despite the convenience it offers, some still find it hard to use. 

Google Sheets

Retyping the same set of information into another sheet is another level of effort since there’s not much of a difference with rewriting it again, but this isn’t something you have to worry about. 

You can duplicate sheets with just a few clicks away! It doesn’t only save your hands from the pain that’s waiting for them, but it also saves you time. 

On the Web Browser

A duplicated sheet is simply a copy of the original sheet with the exact details and outline. Google will label your duplicated sheet as “Copy of Sheet1” or whatever the sheet’s name is. It is not difficult to edit the sheets on a specific spreadsheet. If you’re opening Google Sheets in a web browser, follow this 4-step guide on duplicating a sheet in your file.

1. Visit the Google Sheets website then choose a spreadsheet that you want to edit.

To begin, open your web browser and navigate to Google Sheets. You will be shown all of the existing spreadsheets in your account, and you must select the one you want to edit.

2. Browse through the different sheets then decide which one needs to be duplicated.

After you’ve chosen a spreadsheet, go through each of the sheets in that file and select the one you want to duplicate.

3. Select the drop-down arrow beside the selected sheet.

There’s a drop-down arrow beside the sheet you’ve chosen that you can click. When you click this, a menu will appear with various options such as rename, duplicate, delete, and so on.

4. Choose “Duplicate” from the list.

Select “Duplicate” from the menu list, and you will successfully duplicate that specific sheet. The duplicated copy will be placed on the right side of the original sheet.

On Mobile Application

Even if you’re editing a spreadsheet on your phone, you can use the duplicating of sheets feature. To do this, follow the guidelines outlined below.

1. Launch the Google Sheets application on your phone then choose a spreadsheet to edit.

To begin, open the Google Sheets app, then browse through each spreadsheet you have and select the one you need to edit. Remember that you can use an existing sheet or create a new one.

2. Select the sheet that you want to edit.

If the spreadsheet is already open and visible on your screen, look at the bottom to see all of the sheets in that file. Assess each of them and then decide which sheet you need to duplicate.

3. Tap the drop-down arrow beside the sheet name and a menu list will pop-up.

If you know which sheet to duplicate, click the drop-down arrow next to the sheet label, and a menu list will appear on your screen.

4. Choose “Duplicate” from the options.

Select the option labeled “Duplicate” from the list that appears, and that specific sheet will be duplicated and placed beside the original sheet.


Working hard means working smart. To achieve that, saving time is one of the most practical things to do. You might be tasked to recreate sheets multiple times, most especially in the same format as the previous ones. It’ll be quite difficult to create the same type of sheet over and over again. Therefore, easily modify and create sheets with the help of the duplicate function!