How To Drop A Pin On Google Maps

Suppose you often use Google Maps to visit different places or locations. If you wish to save the hassle of accurately searching for a specific destination, again and again, there’s this method you can use.

Google Maps

What you’re commonly doing might be just typing in an address or place on the search bar to look for it, but there are instances where this might not work because it’s not enough to pinpoint the exact location of something. The best technique you can try is to drop a pin on the precise area you want on the map when this happens.

Below is the step-by-step guide you can rely on to successfully locate an exact address using Google Maps.

Using Google Maps Website

If you’re using a computer and only have access to the Google Maps web browser, these are the steps to show you how to add and save a pinned place to Google Maps quickly.

1. Open the web browser of Google Maps ang sign in to your account.

First, launch the Google Maps web browser to see the entire map on your screen. Just a reminder that you must first sign in to your Google account to save the pinned location.

2. Zoom and look around the map until you see the location you want to pin.

Look around the map until you find the exact location you need. You can zoom in on the map to view all of the areas more clearly, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can search for a spot near where you want to drop a pin, which will limit down the map and make it easier for you.

3. Click on the spot you want to drop a pin on where a gray pin is supposed to appear.

If you’ve found the location you’re looking for, click on that specific spot, and you’ll see a gray pin appear on that location together with a small pop-up window at the bottom part of the map.

4. Click on the pop-up window that appeared at the bottom of the map.

To open a panel on the left of the screen, click the information box window that will appear on your screen. You can see the directions to your pinned location in this panel, and you can also save it for future convenience.

5. Save the location.

If you are visiting this pinned location more frequently than usual in the future, you should save it. You can do so by clicking the “Save” button on the resulting panel.

Dropping a Pin on Your Mobile App

When only a mobile device is available, these are the simple steps you have to follow to completely drop a pin on your desired location on the map.

1. Open the Google maps application on your mobile device then log in to your account.

Launch the Google Maps app on your mobile phone and ensure that your account is logged in on the device.

2. Locate the area on the map where you intend to drop the pin.

Find the location on the map where you want to place the pin and zoom in as far as necessary to view it clearly.

3. Tap the chosen spot then a red pin will appear on your screen.

If you’ve already found the site where you want to put a pin, tap it on the map, and a red pin will appear on that point. Along with the red pin, an information bar will display at the bottom of your screen. This info bar will give you the option of getting directions to the pinned location, saving it, or starting your ride and following the map.

4. Save the pinned location.

Click the “Save” button in the infobox to add it to your saved places and make life easier in the future when you need to return to that pinned place.

Summing It All Up

The great thing about the feature of dropping a pin in Google Maps is that it allows you to save every location you’ve pinpointed on the maps. It means that you can simply visit them in your saved places and click on them if you’ll ever have the same destination in the future.

Plus, it’s possible to do on both your desktop and mobile device, so it doesn’t matter which devices you only have when you’re in certain places. Now, you’ll get to reach a specific location more accurately by using the “Drop a Pin” feature in Google Maps!