How To Download Your Chat History From Discord

Millions of people use the Discord app. Some more often than others. But, they all have something in common. They all join servers, where a lot of people come to communicate. In some cases, you will want to save the chat in those servers. 

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If you want to have a back-up for your chat history in Discord, there is a way you can do it. While Discord doesn’t have that option, you will have to rely on different software that you can install. This software backs-up pretty much everything. It is a very useful thing to have. 

If you want to download it, press on this link here. To make it easier for you, we have decided to share a simple step-by-step guide. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and your back-up software will be ready in no-time. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1

Open the link we mentioned, and scroll through all the options. What you need is the software called DiscordChatExporter. Press on it to download the software. 

Step 2

After you download it, go ahead and extract the files. It might take a minute or two to extract all the files. There are plenty of files, so it is normal if you have to wait. Once the extraction is done, double-click on the “.exe” file.

Step 3

 Once you select the file, the software will open a new window. See the screenshot below. The window shows you all the instructions you need to follow for installing the software. They are simple and easy. But, we will go through all the steps anyway. So, let’s move on. 

Step 4

Open your Discord app and press “CTRL+Shift+I”. This shortcut will open the developer’s menu. It is the new menu that will appear on the right side of your screen. Go to the little arrows on the end of the options menu. It looks like this “>>”. Select it and press “Application”.

Step 5

Go to “Local Storage”. Open it up by pressing on the arrow. Select the first option or the Discord app. This new window will open. Now on this menu, you need to look for the file “Token”. If it is not thereby defaulted, press “CTRL+R”. Now the token will appear on the bottom of the menu.

Step 6

Grab the token by selecting the entire document like a link and copy it. 

Step 7

Paste the link into the same window you saw in Step 3. When you are done, click on the arrow.

Step 8

Now that you are done installing the software, it will open all that you have in Discord. Click on any channel and select the one that you want to back-up.


Step 9

 Choose the format and dates. If you want to save every chat you have, leave the date option empty. Now select “Browse” to choose where you want the software to save your chat history. Press on “Export” when you are ready to download all the chats. If your channel is huge, it will take a while for all the files to download. But, if there isn’t too much going on, this process will go fast. 

That’s it! Now go to the folder where you downloaded all the files and select the channel you want to read. The software will open your chat history in the browser including the images you received. 


As you can see, this is a very useful trick to know. It sometimes takes a while to do all the steps and download all the files. But, all the time is worth it. The software will open all of your chats in a great format where you’ll have access to your chat history anytime you want to.