How To Download Twitch VODs

Twitch may be all about the live stream but there is also a Video On Demand, VOD element too. If your favorite streamer has the functionality enabled, you can watch past videos to watch them tackle a mission, raid or something else. The downside is that these VODs are time limited and will expire. That’s a good reason to download these Twitch VODs so you can watch anytime you like.


Knowing how to download these videos is useful for the streamer who created them and for viewers who like them. While streamers can archive old videos, depending on whether you subscribe to Twitch or not, these are time limited and will be deleted after a set period. If a video is so good that you want to keep it or publish it to YouTube where it will remain for longer, this tutorial will show you how.

Twitch VOD

Twitch VODs are streams shown on a channel and retained for people to watch after the fact. This feature has to be enabled in order to work and will keep the VOD for between 14 and 60 days depending on whether you’re a free Twitch user or Twitch Turbo subscriber.

To enable VOD, go to the Dashboard and select Settings on the left. Scroll to Save Past Broadcasts and enable it. Now you will begin retaining streams as VODs. If you’re a free user, your VOD will remain available for 14 days, if you’re a Prime or Turbo user, you get 60 days’ storage.

Downloading Twitch VODs

There are two scenarios where you might want to download a Twitch VOD. You created it and want to keep it longer than 60 days or want to upload it to YouTube. Or you’re a viewer who wants to keep the video to use for your own means. Whether that’s watching while traveling, use as inspiration for your own videos or something else, that is entirely up to you.

Download your own Twitch videos

If you created the video, you have built-in tools to download it. This makes very short work of further sharing or keeping for posterity.

  • Log into Twitch and navigate to your Dashboard.
  • Select Video Manager from the menu to access your video library.
  • Select the video you want to keep and select the Download option underneath it.

The download will begin right away and once you set a download location, your browser will download the VOD until complete.

Download someone else’s Twitch VODs

There used to be a few ways to download VODs from Twitch but most of them no longer work. One method that still seems to work is a GitHub app called Twitch Leecher. It is a very widely used method of downloading from Twitch and the method we’re going to have to use here from now on.

The app isn’t the best looking UI in the world but it works well enough. It’s a windows program that only works on 64-bit Windows so Windows XP users and Mac fans are out of luck I’m afraid.

  1. Download and install Twitch Leecher onto your computer. Use the x64.exe file.
  2. Open the program and let it load.
  3. Select Search at the top of the Twitch Leecher screen.
  4. Open Twitch in your browser and navigate to a video you want to download.
  5. Copy the VOD URL and paste it into Twitch Leecher’s URL tab.
  6. Select Search at the bottom to allow the program to link to the video.
  7. Ensure the video the program shows is the correct one and select Download beside it.

Download times will vary depending on the size of the video and your internet speed. The program will manage the download until complete. Once complete, you should be able to play the video using your standard media player or upload or edit as you require. It’s a very straightforward setup that works well.

I have played around a little with Twitch Leecher and it seems to work fine. It will not only download VODs but clips as well. You can use VLC to download using a video URL but Twitch may have done something to prevent it happening. VLC used to be my tool of choice for VODs but now it only seems to work intermittently. There also used to be browser extensions that let you download VODs but I can’t get any of those working either.

Do you know of any ways other than Twitch Leecher to download Twitch VODs? Tell us about them below if you do!