How To Download Twitch On A Samsung Smart Tv

Twitch is the world’s most successful streaming platform. It is the ideal community for gamers. The main reason behind Twitch’s success is the availability of the platform. Anyone can use it. People all around the world can become a part of this community. 


It is also available on PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Chromecast, and more. But, when it comes to Smart TVs, that’s not the case. Most companies that produce TVs are focusing on Android TV. But, Samsung is different. 

Samsung TVs use Tizen as their operating system. While Samsung TVs used to have Twitch available in their app source, now they don’t. The Twitch app is not available for download on the Samsung Smart TV. That’s exactly why you need to rely on other applications that would solve this problem. Without them, you won’t be able to install Twitch on your Samsung TV. 

If you want to know how to do it, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for you. This guide can help you install Twitch on Samsung F Series. All you have to do is pay attention to the steps and you will download Twitch in a matter of minutes. So, let’s get right to it.

Note: Before you start with the guide, download the Twitch Zip and Sammy Widgets on your computer. 

Step 1

Open the folder where you just downloaded the two files we mentioned in the note. Right-click Sammy Widgets and extract it. You will see the icon of the app pop up in your folder. Open it.

Step 2

Now you have opened Sammy Widgets. This app will turn your computer into an App Server. If you want to install any apps on your TV, this program must be running on your PC. When you are ready to continue, click on “Refresh” and open the “Widgets Folder”.


Step 3

Go back to the folder where you’ve downloaded the two files. Create a new folder and name it “widgets”. Take the “Twitch Zip” file and transfer it to the widget folder.


Step 4

Go back to the Sammy Widgets app and click “Refresh”. The Twitch icon will now appear in your app. Click the checkbox next to the icon. Take note of your Server IP. You will need it for later.  

Step 5

Turn on your Samsung TV. Go to the settings menu. Scroll all the way to “Smart Features” and select “Samsung Account”. 

Step 6

Log in with developer account. No password needed. 


Step 7

Go back to Samsung home screen and open “Apps”. 

Step 8

Select “More Apps” from the bottom of the screen.

Step 9

Go to the options menu from the top-right corner on the screen. Select “IP Setting” and insert your PC’s IP. The one you just noted. 

Step 10

Go back to the options menu and sync the app. Click on “Start App Sync”. 


Step 11 

That’s it! You have successfully downloaded Twitch on your Samsung TV. 


It can be a bit tricky to download Twitch on Samsung. But, it is doable. Just make sure to follow the steps and you will do it in no-time.