How To Download A TikTok Video To Your Android Phone

TikTok is all about the here and now and once you have watched a video, it is usually gone from your consciousness within 60 seconds. Very occasionally, there comes a video that is so good or funny that you want to keep it around. You could revisit it whenever you like if you follow the uploader but there is no guarantee it will always be there. When that happens, you really want to download that TikTok video to your Android phone. Here’s how.

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I can see two reasons you might want to download a video from TikTok. You created it and you want to enjoy it, edit it or share it on other platforms. Or you found an awesome video that you want to watch over and over and don’t want to risk the user who published it taking it down. Either way, you can download the video for your own use.

Downloading your own videos is simple. Downloading someone else’s video is a little more complicated. TikTok doesn’t want you downloading. It wants you to stay on the platform and engaging with other users. That doesn’t mean you can’t download though as there’s an app for that.

Download your own TikTok videos to Android

If you created the video you want to download, TikTok natively supports downloading. It recognizes that you might want to add effects the app isn’t capable of producing or that you might want to share it elsewhere on platforms that don’t link to TikTok.

To download your own video, do this:

  1. Open TikTok and select your video.
  2. Play the video and select the Share icon on the right.
  3. Scroll to Download and select it.

Apparently, on some versions of TikTok, Download may be called ‘Share Locally’. Either way, select it to download the video to your phone. You should be able to find the video in your Android Gallery and be able to play it with any media player as it’s an MP4 file.

Download other TikTok videos to Android

It is easy to download your own TikTok videos to an Android phone but not so easy to download someone else’s video. That’s on purpose as TikTok is a live platform that wants people interacting rather than downloading and watching on their own. That model works for YouTube but TikTok is more interactive than that.

If you’re on Android, you’re lucky as there is an app that makes short work of downloading any video from TikTok. Called Video Downloader for Social Media, the app is free and ad supported and can download videos from most social networks including TikTok.

  1. Download and install Video Downloader for Social Mediaonto your phone.
  2. Locate a TikTok video you want to download.
  3. Select the Share icon on that video and select Copy Link.
  4. Switch to Video Downloader for Social Media and select Copy URL and Download.
  5. Paste the video URL into the box that appears and select Download.

The video will be downloaded from TikTok and should appear in your Android Gallery the same as above. You can then play it using whatever media player you want or share it on other platforms by uploading it from the gallery.

There are lots of video downloader apps on the Google Play Store and many say they work with social media. I haven’t tried all of them but I have experimented with a few. Video Downloader for Social Media is one that consistently works with TikTok which is why I recommend it. If you have other apps that work, add them to the comments below.

Downloading from TikTok

The issue of copyright is a little muddy on TikTok. While copyright exists everywhere, nobody seems to take any notice of it on this platform. Everyone uses everyone else’s videos in their own montages, people sing chart tracks or use movie quotes, props or whatever. It seems as soon as something is published on TikTok, it is regarded as fair game.

So technically I guess downloading someone else’s video is against copyright unless they give permission, I don’t think anyone actually cares. There is too much going on within TikTok and I doubt anyone has the time or energy to worry about something as minor as copyright infringement. That said, if you can download someone else’s videos, they can download yours too!

Know of any other apps that let you download videos from TikTok? Tell us about them below if you do!