How To Determine The File ID Of A Content In Google Drive

Acquiring the link of a particular Google Drive file to either share it with other users or edit its permission access is one of the things Google users commonly do. However, have you ever heard of getting File IDs? Do you even know what a file ID is?


Well, if this is your first time hearing it, let me explain it to you. File IDs are the unique identifier of the file uploaded on your Google Drive. They’re stable and don’t change even when you’ve modified the name of the file a million times already.

Now, you might be confused about how to use them and the real purpose of getting them, and so, to put it plainly, they are commonly used for quickly locating appropriate information.

Let me show you how to get File IDs done.

1. Go to Google Drive and Sign in to your account.

To begin, you must first launch Google Drive and sign in to your account with your Google credentials.

2. Choose the file for which you want to obtain the file ID.

Please browse through all of your files in your Google Drive account and find the one you want to obtain the file ID for by searching through them.

3. Right Click on that file and select “Get Link” from the menu.

After you’ve already decided on which file you’d like to get the file ID, simply right-click on the document, image, or video, and a new little drop-down selection will appear. Note that selecting the “Get Link” option is necessary to receive the link to the file because it’s where the file ID is stored.

If you’re wondering about whether it’s only applicable to files, the answer is no. This method is also proper when you want to find the folder ID of a specific folder in your Google Drive. All you have to do is simply follow the identical steps for obtaining a file’s ID, except this time you must right-click your chosen folder and select “Get Link.”

The window that appears on your screen will feature the folder’s URL, and the folder ID will be situated in the latter section of the link and will consist of letters and digits.

4. The last part of the link which contains combined numbers and letters is the File ID.

After clicking the “Get Link” button, the link to the document you’ve selected will appear on your screen. The file ID is indicated by a combination of letters and digits at the latter part of the link.

If the file is already opened in a browser, you can obtain the file ID from its link. It is also found in the middle to end part of the file’s link.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you have noticed that getting File IDs is basically the same thing as getting the file’s shareable link. The process is actually just easy, but because you didn’t know about them beforehand, you weren’t aware that you could do it as quickly as that.

We made sure to explain the whole process to you the most straightforward way we can, so we hope that this guide can truly help you with everything you need!