How To Delete VoDs On Twitch

Do you keep past streams to watch later or for your subscribers to view again? Finding it difficult to manage them? Want to know how to download your videos? Want to delete VoDs on Twitch? This tutorial will show you how to manage, download and delete your videos on the streaming platform.


As well as live streaming, Twitch also enables streamers to retain past broadcasts so they or their viewers can watch later. These are referred to as VoDs, Videos on Demand and work just like a YouTube video. Streamers that use them will have them listed on their page and you can select and watch them, again, just like YouTube. That’s great but what happens if you’re a prolific streamer?

Manage VoDs on Twitch

If you have set your streams to be archived in the Settings panel, you will begin to see your VoDs appear in the Video Producer window. You can access that from Settings and then Video Producer in the left menu under Videos. If you have archived videos, this is where you’ll find them.

You can sort VoDs into Collections and Clips in that same left menu. You can categorize videos to make them easier to find if you have lots of them or leave them be and viewers will be able to browse your page and see them all. Clips are highlight snippets from your videos that you can create from within a VoD. There is a specific clip tool within the Twitch video player that will set a start and end time for your clip. Once created, they will be stored within your Clips page.

Your subscribers will be able to access all your videos and clips from the menu options above your videos in the main Twitch screen.

Download VoDs from Twitch

You can archive videos in Twitch but that will only be for 14 days for free members and 60 days for Nitro members. It isn’t forever so it’s important to save your favorite videos yourself otherwise you may lose them. Twitch obviously prefers you to view videos live but does offer a download tool for creators.

  1. Navigate to your Settings by selecting your profile icon in the top right of the Twitch window.
  2. Select Video Producer and you should see all your archived VoDs.
  3. Select a VoD and select the Download link underneath it.

This will download the video directly to your device. You can do this as many times as you like as long as you created the video. There are workarounds for downloading other people’s videos but that’s outside the scope of this tutorial.

Delete VoDs on Twitch

If you want to delete VoDs on Twitch, you can. Archived videos will expire in 14 or 60 days depending on whether you’re a subscriber or not, but you can clear out your VoD pile faster than that if you want. It’s a similar process to downloading them.

  1. Selecting your profile icon in the top right of the Twitch window and select Settings.
  2. Select Video Producer from the left menu.
  3. Select the video you want to delete in the center.
  4. Select the three dot menu icon by the video and select Delete.
  5. Confirm your choice and the video will be deleted.

You can do the same for clips and any videos you have in your collection too. Just be aware that once you confirm deletion, that VoD is gone for good. Make sure to download any videos you want to keep for yourself before deletion.

Keep videos for longer than 60 days in Twitch

The default archive lifetime of a video is 60 days if you have Nitro but you can keep a video for longer if you want to. All you need to do is turn it into a Highlight. Technically highlights are supposed to be similar to a clip, to highlight something specific within a video but you can make them much longer than the 60 second limit of a clip.

I haven’t really played around with Highlights so won’t go into them here. Suffice to say if 60 days isn’t long enough and you don’t want to download them, try using Highlights.

Videos in Twitch do get a little complicated, with streams, VoDs, Collections, Clips and Highlights but once you get to grips with them, it all begins to make sense. It would be nice if you could archive videos for longer than 60 days but that would require Twitch to invest in a lot of storage. Being able to download them to your own device is a useful compromise though.