How To Delete Or Remove Your Groupme Avatar/profile Picture

The professional brochure of GroupMe has leveled up. Having been owned by Microsoft, the messaging app can set records for other apps. The establishment of the app was founded in 2010 to promote the idea of texting together with your near and dear ones. This messaging app brings the world at your doors step.


You do not have to text individually on occasion. You can put everyone you want to text under the subject of a common group to get your job done. More than a million individuals are subscribing to GroupMe each month. And, more than 100 million messages are being delivered by the app.

GroupMe is just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger where you can communicate with more than two people under a group. You can access the app by downloading the app or accessing the service online. You have to provide your name, password, and cell phone number. You can also connect it via Facebook or Twitter account.

Sync is established with your contact, and you can create groups limited to 500. The regular features on the app include locations, personalized emojis, and photos, create events, and other creative works. The app provides web clients and on the same precept, supports apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 phones.

If you want to gather the mosses for changing your GroupMe profile picture or avatar, stick to the blog till you find the last full stop.

Step 1

Take your iPhone, iPad, any Android device, or from the web browser you have. The icon for GroupMe appears in white with a blue chat bubble on it. Tap on it enters into the space of the app. This means that you have to search for it on the web to connect with. But, to experience a good time in the space, you can download the app for your iPad. Once you download the app, you will find it in the icons of your iPad. The GroupMe icon appears to be some sort of speech with hashtag sign ‘#.’

Step 2

On the top left corner of the screen, you will find three horizontal lines. On clicking it, a menu will expand. ≡ This symbol will appear.

Step 3

When you find your name on the top of the menu, it will direct you to open your profile page.

Step 4

Tap on your profile photo. You will get the outline of a person.

Step 5

You will have to click on the photo to choose a photo from your gallery. To use a new photo or change your avatar, you can opt to take a photo or use photos from the gallery.

Step 6

When you reach this part of the GroupMe app, you have the photo on your screen that you want to replace with your old one. When you click on the photo, you want to use; this opens up for a larger preview.

Step 7

Tap on the CHOOSE button present at the bottom right corner of the screen. It is time to see your new photo. Your new avatar appears on your screen.

Steps to change your Group’s Avatar

If you want to change a group’s avatar, head towards the group’s chat settings, and you can repeat the steps mentioned above.

Can GroupMe be tracked?

Often a time when you use GroupMe, certain queries dwell in your mind. And one of such is the threat to be tracked on GroupMe. Unlike WhatsApp, this app does not have two factor authentication or end-to-end encryption. So parents need to administer the use of GroupMe by their children.

What do you mean by Group Avatars?

The group avatars generally collect group icons that can be regulated by the users when they want to. Whenever a user changes the group icon, notification is sent to all the group members.

If too many messages bother you from your group, you can delete the chat history also. The group or individual chat you want to clear tap on it. On selecting the chat’s avatar, you can go on to the settings. Select a clear chat history. In the confirmation box that appears, select clear.

GroupMe has evolved with time. It is more used for business and professional purposes than for messaging. As a way of communication, GroupMe will always be there to vocalize your inner thoughts into powerful words. Apps like GroupMe are a medium for all introverts to communicate easily.