How To Delete Or Hide GroupMe Messages

GroupMe can become very busy very quickly. If you’re part of some lively groups or use it for work purposes, things can get cluttered sometimes. There will be a lot said and not all of it you will want hanging around on your phone. Alternatively, you might like to keep things simple and remove some messages from the main view while you concentrate on others. This tutorial will show you how to delete or hide GroupMe messages.

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You can hide GroupMe messages from view but they still exist and will still be accessible from your app. Hiding is a great theory but doesn’t work very well in practice. For example, you hide messages from a specific group or individual and then they message you back. You have to go and dig out that hidden chat to be able to view that message and respond. It’s not great design but it is what it is.

Your options are limited in GroupMe but you still have them. You can hide and clear message history even if it isn’t the easiest to manage.

Delete GroupMe messages

The only message deletion you can perform is clearing your chat history. This works to keep your app window under control but doesn’t delete the messages per se. Those messages will still exist and will still be accessible in other people’s app. They just won’t appear on yours.

For housekeeping purposes this is fine. For privacy purposes not so much but it’s the same for all messaging apps.

Clear your chat history in GroupMe like this:

  1. Select the group or individual whose chat you want to clear.

  2. Select the avatar and select Settings.

  3. Select Clear Chat History and select Clear to confirm.

Chats with that individual or group will now be cleared. This process is irreversible so make sure you have gotten what you need from the chat before you do it. This only clears one side of the chat, your side. The group or individual will still be able to access their side of the conversation.

Hide GroupMe messages

Hiding messages will remove chats from view but won’t delete them. This is fairly useful for housekeeping purposes as it can clear the app and make room for other chats. The only downside is that once you hide the chat, if someone responds to that chat, you have to find hidden chats to see the message and respond. An extra hassle but not a showstopper.

To hide a GroupMe message:

  1. Select the message and long press it in the app.

  2. Select Hide Message.

The message will be hidden from view but will still be accessible within GroupMe.

To access hidden messages:

  1. Select the avatar of the group or individual and select Settings.

  2. Select Unhide Hidden Messages.

If someone replies to a hidden message, you will need to do this each time you hide it. You can only respond to an unhidden message as far as my own testing goes. If you know different, let us know in the comments.

Use GroupMe safely

GroupMe, like any messaging group can lull you into a false sense of security and leave you feeling free to say what you want, how you want. For the most part, this is fine and won’t cause issues but you always need to remember you’re in a semi-public space and can be held accountable for your actions. If your company uses GroupMe, that’s even more important!

A couple of tips for using GroupMe safely:

Always remember where you are

Remember that even if you delete your own GroupMe messages, the group message or other party in a DM will still have theirs. Don’t send stuff you wouldn’t want your mother seeing or that could impact your social wellbeing or work life. It is very easy to forget where you are when you’re on your phone so try to be mindful before hitting send.

Don’t get kicked or muted

GroupMe is a social space and we all know that certain people behave in certain ways on apps. Don’t be that person. Don’t call people out. Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t get involved in verbal battles and try to remain mindful of who else is watching. The same can be said for oversharing, saying general dumb or pointless stuff and for being a jerk.

GroupMe is an excellent chat app but does have its limitations. It also lives by the same rules other chat apps use, including the group dynamic. Bear that in mind whenever you use it and you should have a positive, fulfilling time on the app.

Got any tips for using GroupMe? Share them below if you do!