How To Delete Custom Emoji On Slack

Do you no longer use the custom emoji you uploaded on Slack? Do you want to remove it from your workspace? If that’s what you want to do, we have here a guide for you. We’ll show you how to remove custom emojis and emoji packs from your Slack workspace.


In Slack, members can upload custom emojis to their workspace. With the help of this option, users get more options when using emojis on their channels and DMs on the app.

However, people in your workspace may no longer need to use custom emojis as time passes. When that happens, you can remove these custom emojis from your workspace so that no one can use them in the future.

With that in mind, here’s our quick guide about removing emojis on Slack.

How to remove custom emoji and emoji packs on Slack

If you no longer need your custom emojis on Slack, you can remove them from your workspace. In this way, no member can use the emoji on channels and conversations on the app.

While owners and admins can delete any custom emoji on the workspace, regular members can only remove the ones they’ve uploaded. You can remove emojis from the Slack desktop or web app. Follow our quick tutorial below to learn how.

How to remove custom emoji

  1. Open the Slack desktop or web app and sign in to one of your workspaces.
  2. Click your workspace name on the top left of the app.
  3. Hover to Settings & Administration and select “Customize [workspace]” on the menu. For regular members, you can directly select the customize workspace option.

  4. Head to the Emoji tab, look for the custom emoji you want to remove and click the “X” icon beside it.

  5. Once the pop-up window appears on your screen, click “Delete Emoji” to confirm your decision.

After removing an emoji from your workspace, everyone on the workspace can’t use it in their conversations in the future. However, members can upload new custom emojis on the app by default unless an admin or owner changes the permission to do so.

How to remove an emoji pack

If you no longer need an emoji pack for your conversations on Slack, you can also remove them from your workspace.

  1. Open the Slack desktop or web app, head to one of your channels or conversations, and click the smiley icon on the message field.

  2. Click “Add emoji” on the menu that appears on your screen.

  3. Head to the Emoji packs tab and choose the pack you want to remove.

  4. Click the Remove pack button on the bottom right to remove the set of emojis from your workspace.

Always remember that only admins and owners can remove emoji packs from your workspace. Please note that you can’t remove individual emojis that are part of a pack on Slack.

To wrap it all up

Although custom emojis can make your Slack workspace more fun and engaging, there are times when you no longer need them in your conversations on the app. Thankfully, you can remove them from the workspace any time you want.

Like we mentioned earlier, admins and owners can remove any custom emoji from the workspace whenever they want. On the other hand, regular members can only delete the ones they uploaded on the app.

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