How To Delete Crunchyroll Membership

Do you like East Asian-related content like anime or manga? If your answer is yes, then you should consider joining to Crunchyroll. Opening an account is super easy, and you will have access to a lot (really A LOT!) of content. However, there is a downside; if you unrestricted access to all the content, you must pay a monthly subscription. Otherwise, you will see constant ads during the streaming of your shows, and the number of hours is also fixed. 


Note that even if you pay, not all the content is available in all the world. Some of them are geo-located, which means that, because distribution rights, it is not available in your current country; nothing that a VPN will not fix. 

It may come the day if you decide to pay, that you will wish to cancel your Crunchyroll subscription. For example, you have seen all the season of your favorite show, and the next one will be released in a year. If you are only paying Crunchyroll for only that show, it makes no sense to keep paying for the subscription. 

That is the reason for this guide. Here you will learn how to cancel your subscription so you don’t get charged for services that you will no longer use. 

Step 1

Login to your Crunchyroll account, and click on the profile option. It should be on the right side of the screen; next to the search bar.

Step 2

Click the settings option on the drop-down menu. It is the fourth option from the top down.


Step 3

You will be able to see inside the settings section, your membership information.  For example, you will see your payment method and when the next billing cycle is due. Beneath all the information, you will see two buttons. One that says cancel your membership, and other that says upgrade. Obviously, we are interested in the cancel your membership option. 

Step 4

A pop-up alert will appear on the screen asking you to confirm your selection. On the same alert, you can see when your subscription benefits will end. 

Step 5

You will be directed to another page after you confirm your previous request. Here you will have three options, which are, from the top down, cancel recurring payments, cancel premium membership, and nevermind, I changed my mind. Choose the first one, and you will not be charged in the next billing cycle. 

That is all, now you will be a free, and common user. But don’t worry, you can subscribe again later in the future if you need it. For example, in the case that you have canceled your subscription because you finished the last season of your favorite show, you can reactivate your subscription prior to the beginning of the new one. There are no limitations for the number of times you can do this, and you will not be charged a bigger fee to rejoin the service. Just remember to cancel it before the next billing cycle or you will be charged. 

It is up to you to decide whether or not that show is worth to keep subscribing and unsubscribing all the time.