How To Delete Commands On Twitch

Have you ever been overwhelmed by your Twitch chat? Do a lot of people spam all the time? Managing a huge fan base can be a big problem. Thousands of people talking at the same time, sending emotes, links, and more. 


Famous streamers know how difficult it can be to deal with that many people talking in chat. Especially for those with popular live streams. So, how can you deal with it? The key to solving this problem is chat commands. 

Channel moderators and broadcasters can set specific commands in chat. These commands give them the power to closely moderate and monitor the Twitch chat. This means that they get access to certain features that enable them to be in complete control of the Twitch chatbox. 

If you are a moderator and you want to delete or set commands, you can do it. If you don’t know how don’t worry about it. You’ve come to the right place. We have prepared the ultimate guide for you. You can see some of the most useful commands you can use and how you can disable them. So let’s get right to it. 


The first command you will probably use a lot is Timeout. This is a feature you can use to temporarily ban a certain user from the chat. You can type how long you want to ban them and cancel that command. To do that, you should right-click the user’s name. Select the clock icon to ban that user. 

If you want to type that command in the chat, you can do it. Just, type “/timeout username” Replace the word “username” with the actual username for the person you want to set on a timeout. You can also type in the number of seconds you want the timeout to last. To delete the command, simply type “/unban username”. 


To ban a user, right-click on their name and select the circle-like icon. Or, you can type “/ban username” in chat. To delete the command, type “/unban username”. 

Slow Chat

If you want to restrict people to send messages every two minutes, just type “/slow 120” in chat. This makes sure that people don’t spam the chat with messages and emotes every second. To delete this command, type “/slow off”.

Sub Command

The “Subscribers” command allows only the people who have subscribed to your channel to type in the chat. To enable this command, type “/subscribers”. To delete this command, type “/subscribers off”


These are some of the most popular commands you will be using as a moderator. Now that you know how to enable them, you can also disable them. The moderator commands in Twitch give you the option to control your Twitch chatbox. 

It is the best way to keep all the viewers in check. You can control how much they can talk. You can also limit the people who can actively participate in your chat. How you decide to use the chat commands is up to you.