How To Delete Chat Messages In Twitch

Twitch is a world-famous stream platform, where you can find any kind of game-related stream or video. Ranging from news about game tournaments to people streaming their Fortnite match; Twitch has them all. 


Hundreds of people all around the world are responsible for Twitch content creation. Literally, anyone can be a streamer. The only thing that you will need is a console or PC and a good internet connection. However, getting and keeping the audience is a completely different deal. It is not enough just to create content. You need to keep your channel interesting and make viewers want to return to it; or make them subscribe to your channel, which is even better. 

One of the biggest tools that you will have for this matter is the channel general chat. There both you and your followers can exchange a few words. This might sound stupid, but when you reply to the chat comments, people will see that you are paying attention to them. Hence, they will feel comfortable and are likely to have a great time. But this could be quite a challenge, especially in channels where hundreds of viewers use the general chat. There will be a handful of spam or inappropriate comments, and it is your job, or your moderator’s job, to keep your chat as clean as a whistle. 

There used to be no way for you to delete messages in the older versions of Twitch. But this had changed, now both you and people with moderator rights can manually delete any message. Here you have the detailed process. 

Step 1

Join on your Twitch account and click on your profile picture, which is at the top right corner. Then scroll down until you see the channel option; it is the third option from the top down. 

Step 2

Now, you will be on your channel page. Go to the bottom right corner and click on the gear icon. Enable the show mod icon option on the pop-up menu. It should be the first option on the “my preferences” section. 

Step 3

After activating the mod icon option, you must go to the one comment that you wish to delete. There will be a trash can icon at the left of the username. Click it and the comment will be deleted. 

This is the easiest way to delete one or two messages. But if you want to purge an entire chat log, you must click on the clear chat option. It is the only option, in the chat settings menu, that is highlighted in red. 

Alternatively, you can use a bot or commands to automatically clear messages containing certain words. For example, if you don’t like people cursing in your channel, you just have to ban those words, and the message will be automatically deleted. Or you can use other commands to eliminate some user’s messages. 

Can I Delete a Message Before Anyone Sees It?

Of course, you can! Click on the chat settings and select the option that says “manage moderation settings”; it is almost at the bottom of the page. 

Now, head to the chat section and choose the delay frame you want. Only you and your moderators will be able to see the message and delete it if necessary.