How To Delete All Twitch Emails

If you’re an avid Twitch fan or a streamer, you may find that the email you use for your Twitch account might be receiving a ton of emails from their website. Now that there’s an annoying number of unopened emails in your inbox, you want to find out how to delete all Twitch emails. Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest things in the world to do!


How to Delete All Twitch Emails

Step 1

Log into the email account you used to register your Twitch account. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using Gmail.

Step 2

Choose your Inbox.

Step 3

Go to the search bar and type in: “Twitch.”

Step 4

Gmail will now show you every email you ever received from Twitch and other sites that mention Twitch.

Step 5

Select them all by clicking the button on the check box at the upper left-hand side of your email inbox, just above the top of the first email.

Step 6

Gmail lets you select all emails that match your search term. Select the highlighted text – this will highlight every single email from Twitch in your Inbox.

Step 7

Press the delete button to delete all emails from Twitch. This will then transfer all emails, both read and unread, to the Trash folder. Gmail will automatically delete all of them within 30 days.

Congratulations, you’ve deleted all Twitch emails in your inbox!

How to Stop Twitch Emails

You may have cleaned out your inbox now, but Twitch’s notifications are incessant! If you want to completely opt out of Twitch email notifications, you will have to do it from your Twitch profile.

Thankfully, Twitch doesn’t make it hard for you to unsubscribe from email notifications.

Step 1

Log into your Twitch account.

Step 2

Click your profile icon on the upper right hand side of the screen. It should have your portrait in it.

Step 3

After clicking, you will see a drop-down menu. Select “Settings.” This will bring you to a new screen.

Step 4

On the sidebar, select Notifications. This will send you to another screen, where you can customize notification options.

Step 5

This is the Notifications settings tab, where you can customize all your Twitch notifications: in the desktop version, on your mobile apps, and of course, email notifications.

For today’s tutorial, we’re selecting “By Email” to customize our email notifications.

Step 6

A drop-down menu will appear, showing you all the reasons Twitch can email you for! You may choose to be more selective and keep only the most relevant alerts, or you can choose to turn them off completely.

Step 7

To completely stop Twitch from emailing you, click the slider button next to “All Emails.”

Step 8

Once you turn those off, you should see all other notifications dimmed out, signifying that they’re turned off. Congratulations, you just opted out of all emails from Twitch!

Can I Change My Twitch Email?

If you are migrating your accounts to another email address and wish to do the same with Twitch, you’ll be happy to know that you can definitely change your Twitch email. Changing it will forward all emails from Twitch towards the new email.

On you can head on over to the Security and Privacy page and select “Email.” This will let you change the email address your Twitch account is bound to.

Use this option if you want to transfer Twitch emails to a dedicated email address. People who are taking their streaming careers to the next level can do this to streamline their email inboxes!

Can Streamers See My Email Address?

If you’re worried about donating or subscribing to your favorite streamer on Twitch because they may see your private email address, don’t fret. Transactions between you and your streamer are handled by Twitch itself.

Only Twitch has the authority to view your email address. While streamers may see your username, message, and donation amount on screen, they have no way of knowing your email or any of your other personal details, as all of these are handled on Twitch’s private servers.

If you want to give your email address to a streamer you follow, you may try messaging them directly on Twitch or through their community channels, like their Discord servers.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to delete Twitch emails from your inbox, you can look forward to having a cleaner, less-cluttered inbox, free of annoying notifications from Twitch! You may also use this awesome method to clean up emails from other sources to give your inbox a long-delayed purge.

If you ever miss Twitch’s constant emails, you can also re-enable the notifications from your Twitch profile settings. Just follow the steps listed above and turn the notifications on instead of off. We hope this guide helped you in cleaning out your inbox of Twitch emails!