How To Delete All Promotional Emails In Gmail

If you’ve signed up for a service or promotion, chances are you’ve given these services permission to send you promotional emails and offers that pretty soon clog up your inbox if you’re not diligent about deleting them. It’s not fun to delete more than 100 emails on Gmail; what more 1,000? Find out how to delete promotional emails and block unwanted incoming mail in this tutorial.

Junk mail isn’t just flyers and promotions clogging up your mailbox these days; junk mail can also create clutter in your virtual email inbox. It helps to regularly purge your inbox of promotional and marketing emails, not just to keep within your email storage limits, but also to make sure you receive only the important emails that matter to you.

These tips and tricks go a long way to help keep your inbox neat and organized. Note that these methods do not work on the Gmail app on your mobile, so you will need to log in to Gmail on your web browser to make any changes.

Unsubscribe from Unwanted Promotional Emails

It’s very easy to subscribe to vendors, retailers, or service providers who promise to send you discounts and other promotions. Except what you don’t expect is how often these promotions arrive in your inbox. One day you might find yourself with hundreds of unread promotional emails that you’ve never bothered to read or didn’t even know you signed up for in the first place.

While it’s tempting to ignore these emails and keep them unread in your inbox, these emails might be eating up your Gmail storage limit and possibly burying more important emails.

The first thing you can do to stop receiving these emails in the future is to unsubscribe. Often it’s a straightforward process of simply clicking an Unsubscribe link at the end of the message. You can do this from either your Gmail mobile app or on the website on a browser.

Gmail also has a neat feature where any email that it perceives to be promotional will have a small Unsubscribe link next to the sender’s name. Clicking on the dropdown next to your name will also display the Unsubscribe link.

Clicking on the link produces a new pop-up for you to confirm that you want to continue unsubscribing. Click on the Unsubscribe button, and Gmail will do the rest of the work. Note that this action may need a few days to take effect, so you may still receive a few newsletters and mail from the sender.

Delete All Promotional Emails on Gmail

Sure, unsubscribing and removing yourself from an email list works for future emails, but what about the countless other marketing and promotional emails sitting unread in your inbox? The process to remove these emails is not complicated at all, though it might take some time to remove everything if you have hundreds of emails cluttering up your inbox.

Gmail is pretty smart about grouping marketing or promotional emails into the Promotions tab of your inbox, so you can see at a glance which emails to remove or transfer to another folder.

To be on the safe side, go through the emails first to see if any stray important emails might have mistakenly landed in this folder. Move any emails you want to keep before proceeding with email deletion.

In this example, we’re left with 223 emails that we can proceed to delete. Click on the checkbox to select all emails for deletion.

Gmail only displays up to 100 emails per page, so if you selected all, you might be greeted with a similar message at the top. Go on and select all conversations in the folder to continue deleting them.

Once you’ve selected every email–223 emails in our case–click on the trash bin icon to send them all to Trash.

You still have another chance to change your mind, as a new pop-up asks you whether you’re sure that you want to continue. Go ahead and click OK once you’re confident that you’ve already selected all the emails you want to delete.

All the selected emails will then be sent to Trash, where they will stay for 30 days until they’re completely deleted from your account. If you do change your mind, you can undo the action immediately afterward or go to Trash to select the messages you want to move back to your inbox. The Trash folder should be under the More dropdown on the left column.

And there you have it: your inbox should now be clean of any junk mail. Try to keep on top of inbox clutter by purging and unsubscribing every few weeks or months as part of your email maintenance routine. All you need is a few minutes and access to a web browser to log in to your email.