How To Delete All Messages From A User In Discord

Do you have a friend who sends you insulting messages? Do they chat with you a lot? If you want to delete all the messages that that user sends you, know that it is possible. 

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There are two different types of messages in Discord. One is the private conversation called Direct Messages. These messages serve as a communication tool between two users. The other type of messages are channel messages. Here, more people participate in the channel. 

These are group chats. Each chat has a set of specific rules. We will share with you the option to delete all the messages you receive from a user. 

When the Discord app first came out, the administrators were allowed to delete multiple messages at the same time. They had special access to the Discord UI. 

However, this caused major issues in the database. That’s why this feature was later removed. So, in other words, you can’t select all the messages you want to delete on the Discord menu. Since there is no easy way to do it, you have to use a different trick. In this case, we suggest you try the AutoHotkey Script. 

This is one of the simplest Hotkey script available. Of course, there are many more out there. But, this one is ideal for those who have never used a Hotkey script before. 

To start, you will be using this code here. See the screenshot below. 

Step 1

Before you do that, download the AutoHotkey from this website. Click on the installer and download the software. Install it. It is simple, you just follow all that the software requires you to select. 

Step 2

 Now it is time to create a script. To do it, go to the folder you just downloaded the AutoHotkey in. Right-click your on “This PC”. Go to “New”. It should be the second option from below. Select it to get to the next step.

Step 3

Select “AutoHotkey Script”. A new script will appear in your folder.


Step 4

Give the script a name. Now, right-click it to edit it. Select “Edit Script”.

Step 5

 Now copy the Script from the first screenshot and paste it in the script. You can leave the pre-written text there. It won’t do much. In this code, the “Loop, 100” means that you will delete the last 100 messages you received. So, you can edit this script as you see fit. The rest of the commands are all the commands you will use to delete messages. 

Step 6

 Now that everything is set, go to the folder you installed the script and right-click on it. Press “Run Script”. The icon for the script will appear on the taskbar. It means your script is active. Go back to the chat where you want to delete the messages and press “CTRL+j”. Discord will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the messages. Press “Delete” and watch all the messages as they disappear. 


Discord doesn’t have an option for deleting all the messages at the same time. That’s why we shared this fun trick you can try. With this script, deleting all the messages is a piece of cake. If you follow all the steps you will do it in no-time.