How To Delete All Discord Chat History

A lot of Discord is voice chat but that is only a tiny part of the overall picture. Text and Direct Messages make up a huge part of our everyday lives on the platform. Lively servers and channels that have been open for a while will be a mass of text messages that may look untidy or be impossible to navigate. When that happens, you may want to delete all Discord chat.


Deleting all chat is like spring cleaning. The text channel is cleared out, users can see what topics are being discussed that day or that hour and the whole channel seems tidier and easier to use. Some chats are also best deleted too but we won’t go there!

Discord chat is predominantly text messages that flow in the center pane. Technically they can mean Direct Messages too but they cannot be deleted in the same way chat can. You can only delete DMs on your side of the conversation so isn’t really a full deletion. It may be necessary to keep things tidy but isn’t want I’m concentrating on here.

Delete Discord chat history

To delete all Discord chat history, you need to be a server owner or admin. You will need the correct permissions to mass delete chat. That is not true if you’re a user wanting to delete your own chat though as you can so that even with the @everyone role. I’ll cover that first and then go on to managing server chat.

Delete your own chat from Discord on desktop:

  1. Log into the channel with the chats you want to remove.
  2. Hover over a line of chat until you see the three dot menu icon appear on the right.
  3. Select the icon and select Delete from the dropdown menu.
  4. Repeat for every line of chat you want to remove.

on mobile:

  1. Log into the channel with the chats you want to remove.
  2. Long press on the message you want to delete.
  3. Select Delete message.
  4. Confirm your choice to delete it.

This can be quite a laborious task as you can imagine. This is also the way you delete Direct Messages. You just select the user you shared DMs with in the right pane and hover over conversations in the center. Select Delete and repeat. Again, it’s important to know that only your copy of these DMs are deleted. The other person’s or people’s copy will remain.

If you run a server, you have more tools at your disposal to delete chat history. You could use the manual method as above but that could take an age. If you have dozens or hundreds of users, that could take hours. It would be much easier to use a bot to delete the history. If that doesn’t work, you can clone your channels and begin again.

Use a bot to delete Discord chat history

I recommend the MEE6 bot a lot in these Discord tutorials. That’s purely because it is very good at what it does and works flawlessly in my experience. It is capable of many things but this bot excels at housekeeping and managing busy servers. One key skill it has is deleting chats. It can delete up to a thousand lines at once and you can repeat the command as many times as you need.

  1. Log into your Discord server as you normally would.
  2. Navigate to the MEE6 website in your browser.
  3. Select the Add to Discord button in the center of the web page.
  4. Authorize the bot when you see the popup.
  5. Select the server if you have more than one.
  6. Give MEE6 the permissions necessary to fulfil its duties.
  7. Use the ‘!clear 1000’ command to begin clearing chat.

You can use any number up to 1,000 in that command but that’s the maximum the bot can cope with at once. There is nothing stopping you running that command a few times to clear out chat though.

Clone the channel to delete Discord chat history

If you don’t want to use the bot or you have many thousands of lines of chat, you could always clone the channel to wipe the slate clean. This duplicates the existing channel and transfers all users, roles and permissions to a new one. The only thing cloning doesn’t do is take the bots with it reliably. Before you start, make a note of all bots on the channel just in case.

  1. Select the Channel you want to clone.
  2. Right click it and select Clone Channel.
  3. Name or rename the channel and select Create Channel.
  4. Delete your old channel.
  5. Check the new channel for bots and invite those that were missed.

Cloning a channel is a mostly reliable way to recreate a channel. It will bring all the users, roles and permissions across and accurately recreate it in every way. Cloning may also bring the bots across but in my experience, it has missed a couple here and there.