How To Delete A Firestick Password And Reset

With more and more movies coming out all the time, it becomes very important for parents to restrict what their children are watching. The primary goal is to restrict their access to age-inappropriate movies and other content.


At other times, parents want to make sure their children don’t purchase random things from the internet. That’s exactly why it is important to make use of the Firestick parental controls. But, let’s say your children have grown up. And now you want to remove those restrictions. 

You no longer need a password or you want to reset it to make it easier to remember. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared an easy guide to show you how you can disable all the restriction or reset the current ones. So, let’s begin. 

How to Disable Passwords on the Firestick?

Children grow up. Eventually, you won’t be needing all your passwords that restrict the content they watch. If you want to disable your Parental controls on your Firestick, you need to turn on your Fire TV first. Next, go to the “Settings” menu. It is in the top bar. Select it.

 Now, scroll all the way to “Preferences”. Open this menu. Here you can see all of your currently active parental controls. If you want to disable them and remove the passwords, simply toggle all of these options off. If you do that, you will no longer have to enter your PIN when you want to make a purchase. 

How to Reset the Firestick?

Everyone can forget their pin. It is a common problem. If you forgot yours or you simply want to add a new one, you can reset your current pin. We will show you how. Just follow the steps and you will do it in no-time. 

Step 1

Go to the “Settings” menu on your Fire TV. Scroll all the way to “My Fire TV” and click on “Reset to Factory Defaults”. 

Step 2

When the Firestick asks for your pin, take your Firestick remote control. Now, here comes the tricky part. There are two specific buttons on your remote that you will press at the same time. That is the edge of the “Right” button and the “Back” button. See the screenshot below. 

Click the buttons a couple of times before you succeed. It will take a while at first. But, once you get the hang of it, you can use it whenever you like. 

Step 3

 If you’ve successfully pressed the buttons, this screen will pop up. Here click “Reset” to add a new pin. 


The Firestick has a lot of handy features you can use all the time. One of those features is Parental Controls. It helps you restrict access to content and purchasing products. If you want to remove these restrictions, you can. Or, if you feel like resetting your pin, you can do that too. That’s exactly why we made this guide for you. Hopefully, you found it helpful.