How To Create Simple Formulas In Google Sheets

Working in Google Sheets lets you manage and organize an innumerable amount of data through spreadsheets. It’s a great platform to help yo keep track of things like databases, for instance. However, that’s not the only thing it’s capable of doing.

It allows you to insert graphs or charts in your spreadsheets and make computations a lot easier for you. If your question is “how” that is possible, it’s because Google Sheets does all the things for you with just a few clicks.

Ranging from simple computations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication to complicated ones such as getting the average, variance, and many more, Google Sheets is a lot capable of generating the answers for you.

For this guide, we’ll focus first on simple calculations like addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication. Read the detailed process on how to do it below.

1. Navigate to then choose the spreadsheet you want to edit.

To begin creating a formula in a spreadsheet, you must open Google sheets in your web browser first, then sign in to your account. After logging in, choose which spreadsheet needs a formula.

2. Select the cell where you want the answers to appear.

Browse through the whole spreadsheet, then select which cell you want the calculated value to be displayed. It can be any cell that you like but preferably, choose the cells beside the values to be calculated.

3. Type the equal sign in the selected cell.

To calculate the values, you must type an equal sign on the cell you’ve selected where the answer will be shown.

4. Click the cell that you want to go first in the formula.

Select the cell of the value that you want to be the first reference in the formula. To verify your selected cell, it should have a blue outline around it.

5. Type the operator that you want to use.

Google Sheets uses standard mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They have different symbols for each operation: a plus sign (+), a minus sign (-), an asterisk (*), and a forward-slash (/). Choose from these symbols what you will use for your formula.


If you want to add two or more values, type the plus sign (+) symbol after the first cell address.


If what you like to apply in your formula is subtraction, enter the minus sign (-) beside the cell address of the first value.


Multiplying large numbers could be tricky if you do it mentally, but it just takes one click with Google Sheets. If you want to multiply two or more values, place an asterisk on the right side of the first cell address.


If you want to divide numbers using Google sheets, you just need to use the forward-slash (/) symbol and place it beside the cell address of the first value.

6. Select the cell that you want to reference second in the formula.

After entering your desired operator, select the cell that you want to add, subtract, multiply, or divide in the value of the first cell you chose.

7. Press the ENTER key on your keyboard and the results will be shown.

If you are confident that everything is correct, press the ENTER key, then Google sheets will calculate for the answer that will be displayed on your screen.

Summing It All Up

Now, you’ll be able to compute basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division even without the use of calculators!

That’s just one of the easiest things Google Sheets is able to help you with; if you’re looking to make the work easier for you when it comes to computing complex equations or formulas that entails tedious processes, the app can very much assist you with that!

However, that won’t be the focus of this guide so feel free to visit some of the articles we’ve written about those in our website!