How To Create Shared Folders In Google Drive

Uploading files and documents as well as segregating them into different folders may be easy. But how about when it comes to sharing it? Have you ever tried sharing not only a single file but an entire folder from your Drive to a different user?

If not, then this guide can truly help you a lot with that. Sharing entire folders with people who need access to it can help you improve your collaboration with them. It also makes work efficient for all of you because you can all work together on a single file or access everything you need in an entire folder at once.

If you ever wish to try sharing a folder with other users, here’s a detailed step-by-step process that you can check out.

1. Go to Google Drive and sign in to your account.

Before you can begin, you must first open Google Drive and sign in to your Google account.

2. Create a new folder in Google Drive by clicking the “New” button.

After signing in, click the “New” option on the upper left part of your screen, which is just precisely below the logo of Google Drive. It will show you a list of options to choose what type of file you wish to add. File upload, Folder upload, Folder, and Google Docs are some examples of the provided options.

3. Select “Folder” or “Folder upload” from all the options shown.

From the new window, select the “Folder” option if you want to create a new folder; however, if you already have an existing folder from your computer, you can upload the entire thing in an instant by clicking the “Folder upload” option.

4. Name the folder you’re about to add before creating it.

Before clicking “Create,” you first need to name the folder you create or upload.

5. Add files in the folder by clicking the “New” button or by dragging them.

To add content to your newly created folder, click the “New” button at the bottom of the Google Drive logo. Choose “File upload” from the drop-down menu that appears after you click “New.”

6. Click the folder title on top of the screen and select “Share” from the menu.

After adding a file and if you’re ready to share the folder with other people, click the folder title on top of the screen and select “share” from the small drop-down menu.

7. Type the email address of the people you want to share the folder with and make sure to choose their editing permissions.

A new window will open in which you must enter the email addresses of the persons with whom you will be sharing the folder. After that, modify the access type for those individuals to “editor” if you want them to organize and edit your folder.

However, if you only want them to open and view your folder, select the “Viewer” option, and if you only wish to enable them to comment, select the “Commenter” option.

If you don’t want to share the folder via email, you can share the link instead of changing the options in the “Get Link” window at the bottom of your screen. Change the appropriate options and ensure that you can access the folder as a viewer, commenter, or editor, depending on your preference.

Before selecting “Done,” take note to copy the link.

Better Collaboration with Google Drive

With sharing an entire folder, you won’t have to go through the hassle of manually sharing a file with people, one at a time. Plus, what’s great about it is that it improves the way you organize all your files or documents by sorting them out into categorized folders.

Note that this is not only effective when sharing files or entire folders with other users, but it’s also beneficial when you’re trying to locate a specific document or files within a pool of documents in your Drive. Indeed, Drive, in itself, is a great and valuable platform, but it’s still essential to utilize it wisely and make use of the app to your advantage!