How To Create And Send An Email To A Group In Outlook

People normally send and receive emails for formal conversations, particularly about academic and professional matters.


These could be sent as single and personal emails but there’s also the option for sending out an email to multiple recipients. The latter is usually used to inform a group of email addresses—a professor sending an email to an entire class, for instance. To avoid the hassle of typing the email addresses of the same people as your recipients at a time, creating a contact group is the best option for you.

Fortunately, this is an available feature of the Outlook application, and you can access it by following the steps outlined below.

Creating a Group

If this is your first time creating a contact group in Outlook, refer to this simple guide. In this example, the Outlook application is used.

1. Launch the Outlook application on your device then sign in your account.

To begin, open the Outlook app on your device and make sure your account is logged in.

2. Go to the “Home” tab then click “People” from the navigation bar.

Assuming you’re on the home page, click the “People” icon on the right-hand navigation bar.

3. Click the drop-down arrow beside the “New Contact” button.

Tap the drop-down arrow beside the “New Contact” button on the menu bar to bring up a menu list.

4. Select the option “Contact Group.”

You must select “Contact Group” from the drop-down menu, and a new window will appear on your screen. This is where you will enter all of the details for the group you are about to create.

5. Type the group name in the space provided.

In the box provided, which is normally next to the label “Name,” enter your preferred name for the group you are creating.

6. Click the “Add members” button then choose an option.

After you’ve given the group a name, you’ll need to add the members you want to include. To do so, simply click the “Add members” button, and a drop-down menu will appear. Now, choose which contact group you want to add the person from.

7. Add people from your chosen option then click “OK.”

Make sure you’ve already selected an option from the previous step, and then enter the information for the people you want to include in the group, such as email addresses and names. After that, press the “OK” button.

8. Click the “Save and Close” button to apply the changes made.

If you’re certain that the members you’ve added are complete and accurate, click the “Save and Close” button to save your changes.

Sending an Email to a Contact Group

If you’ve already created a contact group and want to send them an email, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Go to “Home” then click “New Email.”

To begin, you must be in the “Home” tab, then click the “New Email” button to bring up a new window on your screen.

2. Click “To” then a pop-up window will show up on your screen.

In the new window, click the “To” button; a new small pop-up window will appear on your screen, where you will need to enter the recipient’s information.

3. Input the group name in the search bar.

In the search bar, type the name of the contact group to which you want to send an email.

4. Double-click the name then select “OK.”

All that remains is for you to double-click on the selected group name and then click “OK” to make that group the recipient of the email you are about to send.

Final Thoughts

Since you already know how to create a contact group and send an email to them, I hope you will be more efficient in your work, particularly when it comes to sending emails. If you wish to be comfortable with more of Outlook’s features, we have a lot of useful guides for you! Don’t hesitate to visit our homepage in just a few clicks.