How To Create A User Group On Slack

Do you want to notify multiple people like all your admins with one mention? If so, you can create user groups for your Slack workspace. Follow our quick guide below to learn how.


In Slack, you can mention someone on messages you post on channels and DMs to get their attention. Everyone tagged in your mention receives a notification and alert on their app.

Although you can mention multiple people manually every time you need them, you might miss someone out. Also, adding a lot of people to notify within your message can be quite tiring and time-consuming.

Thankfully, Slack allows you to create user groups on your workspace. With the help of this feature, you can mention the handle of the group to notify all its members. As such, there’s no need to mention people one by one when you post on a channel.

Here’s our guide about creating a user group on Slack.

How to create a group on your Slack workspace

If you want to make it easier for you to mention multiple people on Slack, you can opt to create a user group on your workspace. When you do, you can notify all members of the group when you mention its name on your messages on the channels and in other conversations.

You can create a user group from the Slack desktop or web app on your computer. Follow our quick tutorial below, and we’ll cover the steps you need to know about creating one on your workspace.

Note: User groups are available on all paid plans on Slack.

  1. On your computer, open Slack (desktop or web app) and sign in to your workspace.
  2. Click More (three dots icon) on the sidebar and select “People & user groups” on the menu.

  3. Click the “New User Group” option at the top right corner of the app.

  4. Add a name for your group and select its handle. The handle is the one used to notify the group participants and must be all lowercase without spaces.

  5. You can add an optional purpose and default channels for your user group. Once you finish editing the group’s details, click Next on the bottom right.

  6. Add the members for the group and select Create Group to confirm your decision.

That’s how you create a user group on Slack. When someone mentions the group handle on their message, everyone within the group receives a notification. As such, there’s no need for people to mention you one by one on their posts.

You can add up to 100 default channels on your user group. All members you include on your user group joins these channels automatically. However, you can always add the user group to channels manually any time you want.

Please keep in mind that you can’t add guests and people on Slack Connect on your user groups. You can only include the members of your workspace on the app.

If you can’t find the option to manage or create a user groups, the owner or one of the admins turned off the feature for other users. When that happens, you can ask them for help to create a new one or edit an existing group.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to create a user group on Slack, you can organize your members into different groups depending on their work. For example, you can add all your admins in one group to notify them all in one mention in the future.

That’s it! For more tutorials, visit our site regularly, and read our daily updates and posts.