How To Create A Text File On A Chromebook

Do you want to start working on some text files on Chromebook, but you don’t know how to open them? The Chromebook has a clean and simple interface. But, when you try it out for the first time, it might be a bit tricky to get used to it.


After all, it is very different from Windows and Mac. Don’t worry, it is still very easy to work with. Even if you don’t have Microsoft Word, there is another thing you can use that will work perfectly. It is the ideal replacement. 

The good thing is, it is just a click away. Here, we can show you how to create a simple text file on your Chromebook. If you are using it for work or at home, this is a very useful feature. You will quickly get the hang of it. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. 

Step 1

Turn on your Chromebook. The first thing you will see is the desktop. On the bottom left side, you will notice a menu. This is the primary menu for navigating the Chromebook. Now, depending on the type of Chromebook you have, you will see more or fewer icons pop up on this menu. 

They will also be in a different order. In this particular example, you can see a page icon with some lines in it. This is Google Docs. Click on it. 

Step 2

The icon will bring up a text document. Here, you can type whatever you need. You can insert images, adjust the font, alignment, and more. You can use additional tools and features from the top menu. When you are done typing the text, it is time to save it or share it with someone. 

To do that, click on the top-right button on the screen. Look for the blue “Share” icon. Click on it. 

Step 3

If you want to send it to someone, type their name, group, or email address in the empty area. If you don’t want to share it, you can simply save it to your Google Drive. When you are done, click on “Share & Save). 

Step 4

To find the text file you just created, go back to the desktop. Open the menu and look for “Files”. If you can’t find it see the screenshot below. Click on it. 

Step 5

You will now gain access to your Google Drive. Since you already saved your text file in Google Drive, go there to find it. If you download a text file someone shared with you, you can find it in “Downloads”. 


That’s it! Now you know how to create a text file in Chromebook. Feel free to write whatever you want. You can organize meetings, write letters, texts, invitations, or whatever comes to mind. When you are done, simply save it to your Google Drive and access it from there. It is easy and convenient.

Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comment section below.