How To Create A QR Code For GroupMe

Social media is probably the only thing keeping QR codes alive and some networks are using them in very interesting ways. Snapchat is probably the king of QR but WhatsApp and GroupMe also use them to great effect. You can create a QR code for GroupMe contacts or groups, which is what we will cover today.

Social Media

There are other ways to invite people to groups or share stuff on GroupMe and I’ll cover those too.

Create a QR code for GroupMe

QR codes are more complicated bar codes that contain data such as URLs that a phone can follow. Just open your phone and use a QR app or use GroupMe, point your camera at the QR code, scan it with the app and the data is accessed and translated by the app into a usable format. In the case of GroupMe, that will be someone’s contact details or a group invitation.

It’s a very simple system that works in a very similar way on GroupMe as it does on other social networks.

Create a QR code to share a contact on GroupMe

QR codes are simple ways to share contact information within the app. You cannot create or share QR codes from the desktop version of the app but only from mobile.

  1. Open GroupMe on your phone.
  2. Select the left menu on the main page.
  3. Select your profile icon and select Profile Settings.
  4. Select the option to Enable Contact Sharing.

When you enable contact sharing the app creates a unique QR code you can share with others to scan with their app and add you as a contact.

Create a QR code to share a group invite in GroupMe

You can also use QR codes to share group invites. If a text message isn’t doing it for you, QR codes are the way to go.

  1. Open GroupMe on your phone and open chat.
  2. Select Settings and Shareable.
  3. Select Show QR Code in the menu.

You can either have someone scan that QR code with their phone to join the group or print it using a linked printer. You can then share the code however you like. You can also take a photograph of it with another phone and share it online or on another app.

Other ways to share data on GroupMe

QR codes are just one way to share information on the app. You can also create URLs and share files. Personally I find using sharable URLs easier to use than QR codes as you can copy them and use them anywhere. You can email them, publish them on a forum, Slack page or wherever you like.

On iOS:

  1. Create a group invite URL in GroupMe:
  2. Select your group’s avatar in GroupMe.
  3. Select Settings and Make the Group Sharable.
  4. Select Share and share the link to places in the menu list.

On Android:

  1. Open GroupMe and select the three dot menu icon.
  2. Select Share Group and Continue from the popup menu.
  3. Select a location to share the link.

You can also copy the URL and share it anywhere you like and it should still work.

Adding members to your GroupMe

You can invite others to join your GroupMe chat using their phone number and a text code. As GroupMe is mainly text-based, it makes sense to learn this method too.

To invite someone to your group using their phone number:

  1. Open GroupMe and open your group.

Where you see USERNAME, add a name they want to be known as within the group. Add their full phone number where you see PHONE NUMBER. The person should then receive a notification in their own GroupMe telling them they have been invited to a group.

You can also use ‘#remove USERNAME or PHONE NUMBER’ to remove someone from the group in the same way.

You can also invite new members using the search function in GroupMe. As long as they are a public user and you know their username or phone number you should be able to use the search function and add them that way.

  1. Open your GroupMe chat and select the avatar.
  2. Select Members and select the ‘+’ icon to add a new member.
  3. Select search and type their username, email or phone number.
  4. Select them from the list and select the checkmark to send an invite.

If you don’t see a checkmark, select Done. It’s the same thing and will invite the person to your group.