How To Create A Poll In Telegram

Polls in Telegram let you know what your group or channel’s opinions are on a certain topic. Creating polls can help you find what they’re interested in and pump out the content they like on your channel or group. Learn how to create a poll in Telegram today!

To create a poll in Telegram, use the built-in Polls 2.0 version on your mobile, or use a bot if you’re on desktop. List down your question, queue up some questions, and wait for your audience to give you a piece of their mind – so to speak.

Read on to learn more about how you can create a poll in Telegram for Android and iOS, as well as how to create a poll in Telegram for PC and desktop.

What is a Telegram Poll?

A Telegram poll is a poll that’s hosted on Telegram groups and channels, where users can vote on topics and answers set by the poll owner.

Ever since Telegram added native poll support for their app, users have utilized this feature for things such as deciding where to have dinner, or organize political protests in many countries. Since then, they have added several ways to enhance the poll experience.

Visible Votes

In the past, Telegram polls were kept anonymous. A recent update lets members of a Telegram group know which member voted for what option. It’s a great way to find out exactly who is against, or for an opinion you posted.

Anonymous polls are still an option, which keeps voter information confidential. Perfect for more controversial topics such as gun control, or pineapple on pizza.

Multiple Answers

Telegram also added an option to have multiple answers within a single poll. It allows people to answer to more than one option in any given poll. This is great for scheduling meetups and events, voting on a playlist for your next party, or even deciding where to eat. For people with indecisive members in the group or channel, here is the poll for you.

Quiz Mode

The third option Telegram recently added to its Polls system is Quiz Mode, which lets polls have one correct answer. It’s an awesome way to have trivia games in-group, or help fellow students out with a mock exam before the big test.

As an added bonus, Telegram lets people who answer correctly enjoy a spray of confetti on their screen. Digital confetti, not real confetti. But maybe someday.

How to Create a Telegram Poll on Mobile

Let’s talk about how to create a poll on Telegram for your mobile device. This tutorial will work for both the iOS and Android versions of Telegram.

Step 1

Open up the group chat or channel you want to set a poll in.

Step 2

Tap the attachment icon on the bottom right side, next to the microphone icon. It looks like a paperclip.

Step 3

Locate the “Poll” icon on the bottom and tap it.

Step 4

This will bring up the poll options. Swipe the gray bar up to see the full menu.

Step 5

This is the poll settings menu. Here you can start customizing your poll with questions, answers, voting, multiple answers, and quiz mode. You can set up to 10 options for every poll.

Step 6

Once you’re done setting up your poll, tap “Create” to send your poll out to your group or channel.

Step 7

Now your group or channel can start voting for the answers that matter!

And there you go – you just created your first poll! Now you can vote on things such as where to go for brunch, who you think the best Power Ranger is, or when the next protest is happening.

How to Make a Poll for Telegram for Desktop

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any native poll support for the desktop version of Telegram. However, we can employ the use of Telegram bots, particularly PollBot, to help create polls for Telegram desktop. Here’s how.

Step 1

Install @PollBot by following the steps in this article.

Step 2

Type in: < /[email protected] > in the text bar to create a new poll.

Step 3

PollBot will now prompt you to create the poll.

Follow its instructions carefully. It does not tolerate mistakes. It does not forget. It does not forgive.

Kidding. Input the question you want to ask. Just directly write what you want on the text box and send it.

Step 4

After inputting the question, it will now ask you to input the poll questions. You can have a maximum of 10!

Step 5

Once you’re happy with your options, type in < /done > to finish making your poll.

Step 6

PollBot will now prompt the group or channel to answer the poll. Users may also use /1, /2, /3 etc. to answer the poll.

And you’re done! Use the listed commands to see the poll results and end the poll.

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here are the two ways you can create a poll on Telegram:

  • Use the built-in Polls feature for Telegram on mobile devices.
  • Use PollBot to create a poll in Telegram for desktop.

It’s super easy, and is a great way to pick people’s minds in a Telegram group or channel. Enjoy!