How To Create A Poll In GroupMe And View The Results

Polling is a very effective way of gathering opinion, searching for suggestions, gaining ideas or generally making your group feel included. Polling was introduced into GroupMe a while ago and is often used by companies or larger groups to brainstorm or assess opinion. If you want to create a poll in GroupMe and view the results, this tutorial is for you!

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Any member of a GroupMe can create a poll, not just the group owner. It takes a little setting up but isn’t complicated. The feature was introduced back in 2017 and seems to work very well.

Create a poll in GroupMe

Creating a poll is a little like creating an attachment. The tools are all there in the app, you just need to create it within GroupMe and publish it. The app will then track the responses so you can see them. All users within your group are notified when you publish a poll to help maximize engagement.

  1. Open GroupMe on your phone and log in.
  2. Enter the group chat you want to create the poll for.
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon in the chat box and select the Poll.
  4. Select Create New Poll from the next window.
  5. Type the poll question in the next box and add the answer options below.
  6. Select an end date and time.
  7. Select Send or Create Poll to publish.

Polls are limited to multiple choice answers but you can add up to ten possible options for that answer. In Step 5, you select ‘+Add’ to add the answer option, type in the potential answer and go from there. To add multiple answer options, hit ‘+Add’ again until you have all the answers you want to include.

Voting in the GroupMe poll

When you publish a poll on GroupMe, everyone in the group is notified of the new poll and has the option to vote. The notification should have a Vote option. Select Vote, select an answer from the possible options and you’re good to go. That’s all there is to voting.

You can change your vote if you like. This is unusual but a neat feature of GroupMe. Go back to the poll and select Change My Vote. As long as the poll is still live you can change your answer.

If you haven’t had time to vote, you will be sent a reminder five minutes before the poll finishes to add your vote. Everyone is notified once the poll has completed and everyone should be able to view the results.

View the results of a GroupMe poll

Both the person who created the poll and those who responded can see the results of the poll. Access the poll in the app and you should see a running total of votes that should increment as more people add their own vote. Just select View Results from within the poll to see everything that’s going on.

Polling and social media

There is a very good reason why polling is such a powerful force on social networks. Because we all like to have our say and put our opinion across. While most networks have a little too much of that sometimes, polls are a very socially acceptable method of gathering opinion in a way that doesn’t irritate others.

The ideal example of polling is American Idol. Millions of people vote every week for their favorite artist. Even after many, many years of the series, people still want to have their vote and express their opinion. Social media is the ideal platform to do that if you cannot afford to create your own multinational TV show.

There is another reason why we love polling. Because we like to measure ourselves against our peers or others in our social groups. That is partly for validation, partly to see how mainstream, or not, we are and partly to see how other people view the world.

Brands love polling too as they can gather customer opinion before committing to a new product, change or new feature. It’s cheaper than using focus groups and a whole lot cheaper than releasing a product or service the market isn’t ready for or doesn’t want!

Get the most out of polls

To get the most out of a poll on social media, use humor. If you can ask an amusing question or make people smile or laugh, you’re onto a winner. While GroupMe polls can only handle multiple choice answers with a single response, there is huge scope there for you to add a little humor to someone’s day.

Humorous polls on social media do exceptionally well. Mix it with a hot topic or important subject and you will have people responding faster than you can count the results!