How To Create A Playlist On YouTube Music

Do you want to curate music on YouTube Music based on their vibe or feel? Or do you want to save your favorite songs in one place? In any case, we’re here to help you. Follow our guide below, and we’ll show you how to create a playlist on YouTube Music.


YouTube Music is one of the best streaming apps out there to play your favorite songs. All you have to do is use the search feature to find the track that you want to play on your device.

To make your experience better, you can create playlists on the app to curate and save your favorite songs in a list. You can add a lot of songs to a playlist, and you can even get recommendations based on its contents.

Here’s our guide to creating a playlist on YouTube Music.

How to create a new YouTube Music playlist

If you want to compile or group your favorite songs on the YouTube Music app, you can create a playlist for them on your account. In this way, you won’t need to search for the songs you like when you want to play them on your device.

You can create a new playlist, whether you’re using YouTube Music on your phone or computer. In our tutorials below, we’ll show you the steps on how to do it from both devices.

On your phone:

  1. Launch the YouTube Music app from your home screen or app drawer and sign in to your account.
  2. Tap “Library” at the bottom of the app.

  3. Tap the Playlists option on your Library.

  4. Select the New Playlist option at the top of your current playlists.

  5. Name your new playlist, add a description (optional), and tap “Create” on the pop-up window.

  6. Tap the Add songs option and search for the songs that you want in your playlist.

Alternatively, you can tap More options (three dots icon) on one of the songs on the app and tap the Create new playlist option from the menu. You can create multiple playlists for the different songs that you like.

On your computer:

  1. Visit the YouTube Music web client on your preferred browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Head to your music library by clicking “Library” at the top of the page.

  3. Scroll down and click the “New playlist” option under the Playlist tab.

  4. Add the playlist’s title and description (optional), and set its privacy setting.

  5. Click “Create” to confirm your decision.

After creating your new playlist, you can go ahead and fill it up with songs you like. If you’re looking for new additions, you can scroll down and check the recommendation under the Suggestions section.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to create a playlist on the YouTube Music app, you can now bring your favorite tracks together in a single list. You have the option to make a playlist public to make it visible to others or private so that only you can enjoy and access its contents.

That’s it! For more tips and tutorials, visit our page frequently, and read our latest posts and updates.

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