How To Create A New Label On WhatsApp Business

Do you want to organize your conversations with your customers on WhatsApp Business? Do you want to categorize your chats with customizable tags? If that’s the case, you can create and use new labels on your account. Follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you how to add new labels on WhatsApp Business.


When you have a lot of people messaging your WhatsApp Business account, it can be quite difficult to sort through the numerous chats. It would be quite helpful if users can organize chats into different categories or tags.

Thankfully, WhatsApp Business has a label feature that you can use on your messages and chats on the app. You can even add new labels so that you can customize how you organize the conversations with your customers.

Here’s our guide to adding new labels on WhatsApp.

How to add a new label on WhatsApp Business

If you want to find some of your messages and chats on WhatsApp Business, you can use the labels feature on the app. Aside from the default labels, you can create custom ones on your account whenever you want.

You can create new labels from the WhatsApp Business app on your phone. Check our step-by-step tutorial below, and we’ll show you how to do so.

On WhatsApp Business for Android:

  1. Open WhatsApp Business from your home screen or app drawer and sign in to your account.
  2. Tap More options (three dots icon) on the top right and select “Business tools” from the menu.

  3. Select “Labels” under the Messaging section.

  4. Tap the plus icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

  5. Choose a name for your new label and tap “OK” to confirm your decision.

That’s how you add new labels from the WhatsApp Business app on your phone. You can create up to 20 labels on your account that can help you organize messages and chats with your customers.

To apply a label to a conversation, tap and hold into one of your chats, select “Labels,” and choose the one that you want to use. You can add multiple labels to a conversation or message, and they’ll appear stacked.

Unfortunately, you can’t create new labels from the WhatsApp web or desktop app. You’ll need to open the mobile app to create one for your account.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to create labels on WhatsApp Business, you can organize your chats and messages with customized titles. In this way, you can quickly sort through your conversations and find the one that you need at the moment.

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