How To Create A Group Chat On Messenger

Do you want a single conversation for your close friends and contacts on Facebook Messenger? How about creating a new group chat on the app? With the help of a group conversation, people on the app can communicate and share files in a single chat. Follow our quick guide below to learn how to create one on your account.


Messenger is one of the best apps out there for communicating and chatting with your friends online. Aside from one-on-one conversations, you can also create multiple groups to gather people in one chat.

You can use these group chats to start polls, plan for events, or catch up with your friends. Whichever the case, creating one is pretty straightforward on your account.

With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to create a group chat on Messenger.

How to start a new group conversation on Messenger

If you want to have a single conversation with your friends on Messenger, you can create a group chat. In this way, you can start a group call, share files, and communicate in one place.

You can start a group conversation on Messenger, whether you’re on your computer or mobile device. In our quick tutorials below, we’ll show you how to do it on both.

On your computer:

  1. Using your favorite browser, visit the Messenger web app and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the compose icon on the top left side of the chats list.

  3. Search and people that you want to include in the group chat beside on the top of the conversation window.

  4. Type your first message and hit the Send button to create the group.

After creating your new group conversation, you can go ahead and send more messages to its members. Aside from sharing files and communicating with other people, you can also start polls to get their opinion or feedback on your plans or decisions for the future.

On the Messenger app for Android:

  1. On the chats list, tap the pencil icon on the upper right corner to start a new conversation.

  2. Tap “Create a New Group.”

  3. Search and add the group participants. After adding everyone, tap Next on the top right.
  4. Add a name for your group and tap Create.

Once you create the group, you can add more members in the future. In this way, there’s no need for you to create a new one if you ever want more people in the conversation.

If you no longer use the group chat, you can leave it on your own accord to remove it from your chats list. On the other hand, you can also archive the conversation until someone sends a new message.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to create a group chat in Facebook Messenger, you can start one with your friends, workmates, and other users on the app. As most group conversations get less and less activity over time, you can archive them to hide the messages from your chats list until someone starts a new activity.

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