How To Create A Fake Zoosk Profile

There is a very legitimate reason you might want to create a fake Zoosk profile. If you have a partner with whom you’re supposed to be exclusive but think they are still using Zoosk, using your own fake Zoosk profile is one way to find out for sure. There are lots of less than legit reasons for setting up fake dating profiles but I’m concentrating on that first reason.

Social Media

If you suspect your partner is using Zoosk but don’t know anyone else that uses the service, you don’t have much choice but to set up a fake profile. You could ask them outright but there is no guarantee they would tell the truth. The only sure way is to set up that fake profile and see if they are a player or not.

Zoosk, like many dating platforms, don’t have real safeguards against fake accounts. They have a verification system but that is purely voluntary. You can verify using Facebook or Twitter, using an image or using a phone number. All of which can be faked.

We will use this laxity to our advantage.

Creating a fake dating profile

We approach setting up a fake Zoosk profile in the same way we would set up a real one. Only we don’t use all your real information. The key to a good fake is to keep it as close to the real thing as possible. Partly so you can remember everything when put on the spot and partly because few of us are actually any good at making these things up.

Plan your fake profile

Use a pen and paper or notepad on your phone or computer to plan your ‘character’. Create a name, neighborhood or city, job, school and hobbies for your fake persona. The more realistic you can make it the better but exactly how you approach it depends on where you live. Keep the note safe and away from prying eyes.

If you live in a small town, set your location as one town over or within reasonable distance but separate. If you live in a city, you have more freedom and can even use your old school or college to keep things memorable.

Also plan your pics. You’re going to need some pictures to use on your Zoosk profile. Ideally, these images will be of a type your partner would find attractive and are both similar but not too similar to you.

Set up your fake Zoosk profile

Now you have your character sorted, let’s get on with setting everything up. We first need to set up an email address in your new name, get a burner phone for the Zoosk verification stage and create the profile.

  1. Sign up to a free email service, Outlook, Gmail or whatever you want to use. Use your fake name and add any of your fake details into region, state or any supporting data.
  2. Buy a burner phone and enable it so it can receive SMS. Find somewhere you can hide it afterwards.
  3. Set up your Zoosk account. Register for a new account, enter the profile details and create your bio.
  4. Add your images and finish setting up your account.
  5. Verify your account with your new phone number.

Creating a fake Zoosk profile is the same as creating a real one. Answer the questions, create a profile, add images and you’re good.

Fake profile images

Extra care needs to be taken when selecting images for your fake Zoosk profile. You need a few good quality pics that will pass a reverse image lookup. That means not using stock images from a repository but selecting them from elsewhere. That can be another dating site, social media or somewhere that won’t track where their images are used.

Rather than download the image, use a screenshot tool to capture them. That way the image won’t contain EXIF data that reverse image search uses. It won’t completely protect you as search is much more sophisticated than that but it helps. To be honest, it will probably take you longer to find a series of acceptable images than it will to create your fake persona but it’s necessary.

Using your fake Zoosk profile

Now you have created your fake profile, it’s time to see if your partner is live on Zoosk. As this is one of the few dating platforms with search, you can begin there. Search for your partner to see if they are available and if they still have an account. If they don’t, you’re good. If they do, send them a smile or a heart and see if it goes anywhere.

People don’t often respond to these are they show no effort and can be done by free accounts. If you want to message them, you’re going to have to pay.

I won’t pretend there isn’t a moral issue with trying to entrap a partner this way but if you’re positive they are on Zoosk and aren’t sure they will tell the truth when asked, what choice do you have?

Have you tried this? How did it go? Tell us about it below!