How To Create A Dummy Amazon Account For The Firestick

The Amazon Firestick is an awesome little device. For $40, you get a 4K TV dongle that opens up an entire world of TV and movies. Aside from data collection, there are few downsides to using one which is why they are so popular. One of those few downsides is that everything you do on your Fire TV Stick is tracked and analyzed by Amazon to identify selling opportunities. One way around that is to create a dummy Amazon account for the Firestick. This tutorial will show you how.


There is no doubt that the Amazon Firestick is a great deal but not everyone appreciates what they are buying. Sure it’s a hardware TV dongle that can stream over the internet. It is also a marketing machine for Amazon. It collects usage data and reports it back. This is one of the reasons it is so cheap. The more people use the Firestick, the more data Amazon can collect.

Amazon Firestick and data collection

There are a couple of reasons why you don’t want Amazon collecting your usage data. One, because it’s yours and none of Amazon’s business what you do. Two, because you’re installing Kodi and selling modded Firesticks online. Three, you’re using shady apps to access gray content online and don’t want to be found out. I’m sure there are other reasons but those spring to mind right away.

So how do you stop Amazon linking what happens on an Amazon Firestick with your identity?

Don’t buy your Firestick directly from Amazon

If you buy your Firestick direct, Amazon already knows you own it and will link any subsequent actions on that device with your account. If you don’t want it linked to you, either mark it as a gift when you buy it from Amazon, buy it from a third-party seller or buy a used one. You don’t have to pay over the odds for a pre-modded Firestick, there are lots of used or new ones for sale online.

Create a dummy Amazon account for the Firestick

Creating a fake account used to be easy. You could buy a gift card, set up a fake email and use those to register the Firestick. Now you need a billing address otherwise you won’t be able to download apps from Amazon or do much at all. You may also need a working credit card so One-Click payments work.

You could apply for a pre-pay credit card but you will have to provide your real details otherwise you’re breaking all kinds of laws. You could try a gift card and see if that works too. I would suggest the latter as if it doesn’t work, you can just use it as normal for purchases.

When I set my fake account up some years ago, it went like this:

  1. Visit Fake Name Generator and create an identity that is similar to your real one.
  2. Set up an email address in that name and buy a gift card online and have it emailed to your new address.
  3. Set up a new Amazon account entering your fake email, fake name, fake billing address and the gift card number as a payment method.
  4. Enjoy!

Your mileage may vary on this. As I set up my own account a long time ago, I asked a couple of friends who have done this more recently. One said it worked like a charm with an online gift card. One said their account got stuck when being asked to enter the CVV for the card. I suggest trying it to see how it goes.

You may find that you can use the Firestick but not install apps from the Amazon App Store. That should be fine as there are lots of reliable repositories for every app out there for the Firestick. Once you sideload them onto your device, you would never know the difference.

Stop Amazon data collection

You cannot completely stop Amazon collecting data on your Firestick use but you can minimize it. There are two settings you can change to reduce the amount of data collected.

  1. Select Settings from within your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Select Preferences and Privacy Settings.
  3. Select Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data and turn them off.
  4. Go back on screen to Preferences.
  5. Select Data Monitoring and turn it off.

This won’t stop Amazon collecting all data but it will stop the majority of data collection.

To further prevent data being collected, you should also use a VPN. This stops your ISP tracking you and stops Amazon linking viewing activity to an IP address. Even if you’re using your Fire TV completely legally, using a VPN ensures your private information stays private. Use one every time you go online!