How To Counter Mylor Crowling Using Starter Cards In Splinterlands

Mylor Crowling is without a doubt the most popular summoner in Splinterlands. It’s definitely very strong and is incredibly useful in a lot of situations. Here’s how you can counter it.


Anyone who’s spent some time in the Bronze league can testify how frustrating it is to match up against someone spamming Mylor Crowling. Just by having Mylor as your summoner can turn your team into an absolute wrecking crew without having to spend any more money to rent cards. Yes, Mylor works very well with the free ghost cards that come with the Earth Splinter. Let’s take a closer look at it and see why it’s so powerful.

Mylor Crowling

According to lore, Mylor Crowling is a young, easy going yet gifted summoner who treats competitive summoning matches like it’s all a big game. Despite his happy go lucky nature, his teachers see him as a power greedy child. It’s actually quite fitting considering his playstyle will constantly frustrate opponents if they fall into his trap.

What makes Mylor special is his ability, Thorns

When you use Mylor all your monsters are given the Thorns ability which deals damage back to the attacker if they hit your monster with a melee attack. Since most new players like to use melee attack monsters, Mylor is a nightmare matchup for them. On the surface, it may seem like it’s easy to counter since you can just use non-melee monsters like ranged or magic monsters. While yes, that is the general rule of thumb when facing Mylor, some players will get confused as to which cards to use from the starter set. A popular combination used by Mylor spammers is using Mylor with Unicorn Mustang. This is a very powerful monster from the Earth splinter that has the Void ability which reduces the magic damage it receives. 

Even at level 1, it has amazing stats. It has 3 Melee Attack Damage, 4 Speed, and 10 Health. So having this monster in front can be a pain to deal with especially if you’re using a magic lineup. With all these in mind, how do you actually counter Mylor then? Simple. Use monsters with the Shield ability and add armor. 


Shield is a monster ability that reduces damage from melee and ranged attacks. That includes the damage from abilities like Thorns or Blast. It’s a very handy ability that you can use to beat Mylor at his own game. And fortunately, there are plenty of monsters in the starter cards that possess this ability. For this guide, however, we’ll be focusing on using the Fire and Life splinter to counter Mylor. Both of these splinters have great tanks with Shield and amazing monsters who can do ranged damage.

Countering using Fire

For the Fire Splinter, we have two good options for your tank: Living Lava and Serpentine Soldier. You may be thinking that it’s counterproductive to use these monsters since they’re melee. While yes, these are melee monsters, they have a good deal of armor and both possess the Shield ability.

Next, you’ll need to fill your lineup with ranged monsters who will deal damage from afar. A great monster that is essential to your team is the Fire Elemental. Since it has the Blast ability, it will deal damage to monsters adjacent to its target. It basically lets you hit two birds with one stone. 

Countering using Life

The most important card from the Life Splinter when countering Mylor is actually a summoner. That summoner is Tyrus Paladium. Having him as your summoner automatically gives your monsters +1 armor. The bonus armor helps offset some of the damage that you’ll receive because of Thorns. 

For your tank, you have two options as well. The first one is Silvershield Paladin. This monster has the Shield ability on top of having 1 Armor and 5 Health. Plus it only costs 5 mana to summon so it’s definitely useful in low mana matches.

The other option is Shieldbearer. Not only does it have 4 armor at level 1, it also has the Taunt ability which makes all the enemy monsters attack him instead of the other monsters on your team. This card is great when combined with other utility monsters who have heal or increase armor. 

Next, you should pad your lineup with good ranged monsters. An essential monster would be Lone Boatman. This monster has 2 ranged attack and the Snipe ability which makes it target monsters from the enemy that is ranged, magic, or has no attack. It’s great for taking out the supports from the enemy team.

And finally, make sure to try and include utility support cards to buff up your tank. Divine Healer is one of the starter cards that have the Tank Heal ability so it will always heal the monster in the first position. 

Another good utility card to have is Truthspeaker. This monster card has the Protect ability which gives +2 armor to all your friendly monsters. So when combined with Tyrus Paladium, you can have up to +3 armor right from the start. That’s not even factoring in monsters who already have armor of their own like Shieldbearer. When you combine all three, Shieldbearer will have a whopping 7 armor at the start of the match.

Neutral Monsters

Of course, there are also neutral monsters who can help you take out Mylor Crowling and his Thorns. A great strategy is to use a monster with high health but has no attack for your frontline. In this case, Peaceful Giant is a good monster to use from the starter deck. It has high health and relatively low mana cost at 5.

If you’d rather have a tank with armor, you can go for Elven Defender instead. It has great stats at level 1 but has a pretty high mana cost. 

As for ranged attackers, the neutral monsters from the starter deck have some pretty great picks as well. The best out of the bunch is Goblin Chariot. This ranged monster has 2 ranged attack at level 1 so it could be great for taking out Mylor lineups without having to resort to melee monsters.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to counter Mylor Crowling. It may seem difficult at first, but if you think around it you can easily beat lineups built around this summoner. If you’re sure that they won’t be using a monster with the Void ability, then feel free to fill up your team with magic monsters. This will beat the enemy faster since magic attacks go through armor. 

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So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know to counter Mylor Crowling in Splinterlands. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!