How To Copy Files To Another Folder In Google Drive

When it comes to both saving and sharing our files with other people, Google Drive is one of the important tools we usually use. What makes it a lot helpful is that the documents and presentations we create in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and others are immediately saved in our drive. Hence, making it easy for us to access and locate it whenever we need it.


However, surely the number of files gradually increases as we continue using it and will sooner or later need to be organized. This is why we create folders in Google Drive to sort out all the files we have according to a certain category. In doing so copying files and moving them to another folder are some of the things we accomplish.

If this is one of your problems that hinders you from organizing your files in Drive, read this whole article to know more about it.

1. Open the folder in Google Drive containing the files you want to transfer.

After opening Google Drive either on your mobile device or desktop, check the folder containing the files you want to move and click it. However, if they aren’t in a single folder, make sure to hold Shift and select each one of them.

2. Right-click on your mouse and select “Make a copy”.

Make sure that you’ve selected all the files you want to transfer. Once done, right-click on your mouse and select “Make a copy” in one of the options.

3. Check if all the files you want were copied.

The copied files will have a similar name to the original, but with only the addition of the words “Copy of…” at the beginning. If you selected and copied 3 files, there should also be 3 new files added to your Drive.

4. Select the copies, right-click, and click the “Move to” option.

Now that you’ve successfully copied the new files, right-click on your mouse again and select the “Move to” option among all that’s shown.

5. Create or choose which folder to move them to and click “Move Here” to save.

It will then present you with all the existing folders you have in your Drive. If you’re planning to move them to one of your existing folders, simply browse through all of your files using the scroll button and select the folder you desire. Otherwise, click the button on the bottom-left part of the small window to create a new folder.

After you’re sure with everything you did, click the blue button that says “Move Here” to choose everything.

Moving Files From One Folder to Another

You don’t always have to copy your files to move them to another folder — that’s just when you want to keep the original ones in your Google Drive in case something happens. If that doesn’t really matter to you, what you can do instead is to directly move the files you have from a specific folder to another one. Basically, you’ll be following the same process, the difference is that you can now skip the “Make a copy” stage and move straight to the part where you click the “Move to” option.