How To Connect To A Teamspeak Server

Are you a new user on Teamspeak, and are you wondering how you can talk with your friends or other people on the platform? Or are you having some trouble navigating the app’s features due to its UI? In any case, we got you covered. Follow our quick guide below to learn how to connect to a Teamspeak 3 server.


Teamspeak is a secure and reliable VoIP application that provides clear audio communications between users on a channel. Although primarily designed for gamers, the platform also supports institutions like schools and other services due to COVID-19.

With the help of Teamspeak, you and your friends can connect online through a secure military-grade server that you own. Although setting up a server isn’t free, you get to control everything that happens in it, including its looks and how it works.

But in case you want to try their service, you can connect to a public server to test out the different features on the platform. If you’re having some trouble using the app and navigating its options, don’t worry since we got you covered.

Here’s our quick guide that can help you learn how to join a server on Teamspeak 3.

How to connect to a server on Teamspeak 3

To join a server on Teamspeak, you first need to know its nickname or address. Aside from that, some servers also require you to enter a password for you to gain access. If you don’t remember the exact address of the server, you can try searching for it on the list of servers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S

Once you got everything that you need, follow these steps below to connect to the server:

  1. Launch the Teamspeak 3 client on your computer.
  2. At the top left side of the app, tap Connections > Connect. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + S on your keyboard as a shortcut.

  3. Add the server nickname or address, password (only if required), and your nickname that you want to display on the server list.

  4. After filling the fields, click Connect.

These are the basic steps for you to join a server on Teamspeak 3. But in case you want to edit other settings before connecting, you can do so by clicking More on the “Connect” window.

These are some of the options that you can edit:

  • Phonetic nickname – The name other users hear when you join the server or move to a different channel.
  • Default channel – The channel you want to join when you log in to a server.
  • Channel password – The password of the default channel on the server (if there is a need to use one).
  • One-Time Privilege key – The code from your host or provider that gives you rights on a server.

After successfully connecting to the server, you can now join the different channels to communicate with your friends or other people. Once you’re inside one, you can talk using your microphone or send a message through the chat field.

Please take note that some servers can automatically kick you if you’re idle or inactive. Also, make sure to read the server rules (if there are any) to avoid getting yourself banned or kicked.

How to mute all audio notifications on Teamspeak

If you’re new to Teamspeak, you might hear a couple of notifications when you connect to your first server. These audio cues can be annoying, especially if you’re on a public server with a ton of members.

If you’re tired of hearing these audio cues, you can mute or turn off all of your notifications on the platform. To do this, start by clicking Tools > Options or press Alt + P on your keyboard.

Next, head over to the Notifications tab, click open the drop-down menu under “Sound Pack,” and choose “Sounds deactivated.” Click “OK” to save the changes.

Once you deactivate the sound pack, you won’t hear any notifications from your servers. However, please take note that bookmarks can overwrite this rule.

To sum it all up

As long as you remember the server’s address or nickname, connecting to it is an easy task. However, please note that some servers also need you to input a password before you can continue.

Once you connect to a server, you can now join a channel to talk to your friends and other people. Aside from that, you can also create your own channel, given that you have the right to do so.

That’s all from our guide about connecting to a server on Teamspeak 3. If you want to see the latest tips, tricks, and tutorials from us, visit us regularly for our daily updates.