How To Connect Samsung Smart Tv To Google Home

Technology is changing the way we live. In the past, you have to get up to change the TV channel. A few years later, the remote controller was invented. This allowed you to change the channel from the comfort of your seat. Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that you can turn on and off, change the channel, and even change the volume with a simple voice command. Yes, you heard right, you can control your TV with your voice!


Samsung is one of the best TV brands at the moment. All their products are top-class technology, and some TVs come with an in-built ChromeCast app. This makes them a perfect combination for Google Home. However, if your Samsung TV does not have the in-built app, you can still pair it with your Google Home device. All that you need is to buy a ChromeCast stick, and that is all. 

All that is needed is a TV, a Google Home device, internet, a smartphone with Google Home app, and a ChromeCast device (when applicable). As you will see, the linking process is quite simple, and you can control your TV with your voice once it is finished; let’s start. 

Step 1

Note that this step is only needed if your Samsung TV does not have the ChromeCast pre-installed. Therefore, you can skip this step if your TV has this app out of the box. 

Connect the stick to the power cable and then to one of your TV’s HDMI input. 

Step 2

Now, launch the Google Home app, and click on your profile picture, which is at the bottom right corner. 

Then click on the second option from the top down. It is the one that says set up or add. 

Step 3

This will take you to another set of options, click on the first one, which is set up the device. Then choose the first option again, the one that says step up new devices in your home. 

Step 4

After you click on the last option, the Google Home app will start to scan for nearby devices. As soon as it finishes scanning, a list with all the devices will be displayed on the screen, click on the device you wish to link with Google Home.

Step 5

Once you choose it, a code will appear on both your TV and Smartphone. If the code matches click on yes, otherwise click on no and repeat step 4.

Then, the app will ask you permission to access some information to help Google improve its services. Click on yes if you agree or click no if you do not.

Step 6

Now, it is time to set up the WiFi connection. You have to choose the same network that both your smartphone and Google Home device are connected to. There are some additional configurations after this step, but they are optional and depend on your particular liking. 

You are good to go now, all that you need is for you to start using voice commands to take control of your TV!