How To Connect Iphone To Samsung Chromebook

Apple and Samsung both are the top market players in the smart devices manufacturing industry. Both companies manufacture high-end smart devices every year to the market. The concerned manufacturers have their customer-base in every category. Samsung and Apple devices are immensely popular all over the world. Among many devices by both the companies, apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Chromebook are famous among the tech enthusiasts. When the iPhone is the mobile device that loved by most of the mobile-users, Chromebook runs on Chrome-OS is functions as your online laptop.


Both iPhone and Chromebook are the essential devices for the users to carry out several functions. iPhone is the iOS mobile device manufactured by Apple and has a loyal customer base. Similarly, the Chromebook is popular among the users due to its beneficial aspects in various sectors.


The Chromebooks are less expensive than normal computers, the cloud-based, and chrome software also better than the windows laptop. The device can cater to the computing requirements of every team and individual without spending a lot of money. As the device use cloud-based software, you do not have to rely on other software for functioning of the Chromebook.

Less vulnerable to malware

Since Chromebook runs on cloud-based software, installation of any other software is eliminated. The automatic update and no installation of other software prevent infection of the Chromebook.

Can be used personally and professionally

The chrome software of the Chromebook is ideal for every browser providing a stable and fast environment for businesses to run. All the leading business software can be run on the Chromebook efficiently. Likewise, it is ideal for personal entertainment also as it allows you to watch your exclusive shows on the Chromebook.

You can work on your Chromebook on the go without any hassle as the device is compact and easy to carry. Connecting your phone with your laptop is necessary to carry out a lot of jobs. When it comes to connecting your iPhone with your Samsung Chromebook, most of the people get confused about how to connect the iOS device to another device which does not run on iOS.

The users can transfer videos and images from their iOS device to the Chromebook through Google+ ios app; it enables you to store your stuff in cloud storage of the Chromebook.

Synchronizing through Google+ photos

In Chromebook, Google has added photo synchronizing feature so that you can transfer the photos from your iPhone to the Chromebook.

  1. Open your Chromebook
  2. Select the image that you want to save
  3. Right-click on the photo and save image as
  4. Then click on save
  5. You can view the image on the download bar

Synchronize info from iPhone

You can also save all the information of your iPhone on Chromebook by following the simple steps below

You can turn on sync on your Google account to store everything on cloud storage.

  1. Open the Chrome app on your iPhone
  2. Sign-in into your Google account by entering your id and password
  3. Go to settings and tap more
  4. Tap on your account name
  5. Then tap on sync
  6. You can also turn off sync by clicking on torn off sync everything

You can change the setting at any time to control what you want to synchronize to your Google account from your iPhone.

Synchronize info in android device

If you have an android phone and you want to synchronize info of the phone with your Chromebook, you can follow the steps

  1. Open the chrome .app on your android device
  2. Click on tap more on settings
  3. Tap on your account name
  4. Tap on sync
  5. Turn off sync everything if you do not want to synchronize everything with your Chromebook.

These are the steps through which you can connect your iPhone and Android devices with the Chromebook and synchronize info. However, you also use external devices to connect the phone with the c, Chromebook.

Most of the idevice users are using icloud for synchronizing Chromebook and iPhone. Since Chromebook is a versatile and useful device for every individual and ideal for each function, it is preferred by most of the people around the world.

As synchronization of your phone and the laptop is necessary to carry out various functions, you can follow the steps. Through the cloud-based storage and chrome software, it becomes viable for the iPhone users to synchronize the phone and Chromebook. It is easier for the team as well as the individual to connect their iPhone with their Chromebook by these simple steps.