How To Connect Discord To Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to talk to your friends while playing Minecraft online? Having a little trouble with Survival Mode and need some help? Say good bye to lonely Creative Mode build sessions as I teach you all about how to connect Discord to Minecraft for some multiplayer fun, with voice chat!


How to Connect Discord to Minecraft

Today we’ll be discussing how you can connect Discord for PC to Minecraft. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Discord account
  • A Minecraft Launcher of your choice (we will be using TLauncher)
  • A working internet connection

Once you have all those squared away, we can begin the process of connecting your Discord client to Minecraft.

Step 1

Open your Discord app and go to the server where your friends are.

Step 2

Go to the voice channel where your friends are by clicking on the channel name.

Step 3

Wait for the green “connected” bars to show up. Congratulations, you’re now voice chatting with your Minecraft friends!

Step 4

Open up the Minecraft launcher of your choice. We will be using TLauncher for this tutorial.

Step 5

Enter the game, ensuring that you have the correct version installed.

Step 6

Once you’re logged in, select Multiplayer.

Step 7

Input the server IP of where you want to play in.

Step 8

Congratulations! You are now playing with your friends online, with voice chat to boot! Enjoy mining!

Does Minecraft Have Voice Chat?

As fun as having native voice chat might be for Minecraft, it is sadly not a feature as of the time of writing. People who want to communicate with others on their current server can only do so through Minecraft’s in-game text chat. If they wanted to talk to them through voice, they have to use VoIP software such as Teamspeak or Discord.

It’s a feature that’s been wanted by the community for a while, but Mojang is still mum about adding it in. Concerns such as privacy, vulgarity, and general toxicity are all factors when it comes to multiplayer communication, and Minecraft is no stranger to that dark side of players. Maybe it’s best that we can choose who to talk to in Minecraft with Discord!

Does Minecraft Have an Official Discord Server?

Yes, it does! Mojang released its official Discord server for Minecraft. Join it through this link:

The Official Minecraft Discord server is where Mojang connects with its Discord community. There are many voice and text channels for server links, skins and textures, community content, and updates straight from the developers themselves.

It is a thriving community that every Minecraft player with a Discord account should join!

How to Screen Share Minecraft on Discord

With Discord’s release of its screen share function, it’s now easier than ever to share your Minecraft screen to people on your Discord server! Sharing your screen will let your friends tune in to what you’re currently doing on Minecraft. They can give you tips on how you should place your redstone, what you need for your iron farm, or even how to give all the villagers the jobs you want them to do.

Step 1

Get in the voice channel you want to share your Minecraft screen in, then click “Share Screen.”

Step 2

In Applications, choose Minecraft.

Step 3

Select “Go Live.”

Step 4

Now your friends can see what’s going on in your game! Time for some friendly backseat gaming.

Do You Need Discord to Play Minecraft?

Discord and Minecraft are two very different apps, and work independently of each other. You do not need Discord to play Minecraft, nor do you need Minecraft to use Discord! Discord and Minecraft are only used together when you want to play a multiplayer session on a Minecraft server.

If you are stacking with several friends – whether for a major build or a shot at the Ender Dragon – having your friends available through voice chat will make the game flow smoother and make communication better.

Having voice chat on while playing Minecraft leads to better coordination when it comes to dividing tasks during huge builds. It can also help you strategize better when playing multiplayer PVP games, or if you’re dealing with a particularly tough Woodland Mansion.

You can even play some music in the background with a Discord bot, so fire up Ride of the Valkyries as you rain arrows down the Ender Dragon!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to connect Discord to Minecraft, you can now enjoy Minecraft multiplayer in the best way possible – with voice on! You and your friends can now have fun communicating in real time, without spending precious seconds typing down messages on text chat. You can even play music and even share your Minecraft sessions with people in your Discord server! There has never been a better time to play multiplayer Minecraft than right now!