How To Connect Chromebook To Canon Printer

In the world of digitization, paperwork still holds relevance. Specifically, the official aspects are essential to be dealt with the paperwork. However, even the papers can’t be entirely dissociated from technology. The texts on the paper often have to come from different sources over the web. At the same time, tickets have to be downloaded as well, as of the forms available online. In all these occasions, it is first felt essential for the Chromebook to be connected with the Canon printer. People who often have to print through Chromebook often are found to be struggling while connecting with the printer. No need to worry though; given below is the complete guide in this context.


Connecting Chromebook with Canon printer:

The first step of connecting Chromebook with Canon printer is to ensure that the printer is network connected or is cloud-ready. A few tweaks from settings can then do the job. Having a thoroughly updated Chrome browser and making the Google Cloud Print ready, the whole task can be accomplished in absolutely no time. Through interface of Google Cloud Print, one can connect with the desk printer kept at the homes. It can also be connected with the executive laser printers at work places following the same process.

Moreover, it also allows the user to select the concerned device that prints the file. The best part is that once the Print command is given, it doesn’t take much of the time for the output to appear. However, before all these, setting up the printer thoroughly is important. Given below are the steps of setting up a network-attached printer.

Steps for setting up a Network-Attached Printer

Before heading towards setting up of the network-connected printer, it is first essential to make sure that the printer is connected to the system via the local access network. One may connect through USB as well. Once it is connected through a local access network or USB, the following instructions should be followed to established access through Google Print.

  1. To start with, first of all, make Google Chrome launched on the concerned computer. Make sure that the computer is linked with the same network as of the printer. At the same time, it is equally essential to ensure that the being a user you are signed into your Google account with Chrome, as well as on the Chromebook.
  2. Now put a click the Menu button
  3. Next, go to Settings and put a click on it
  4. Type down “cloud print” within the search bar
  5. Post typing down ‘Cloud Print,’ now look for ‘Manage Cloud Print device’ and select the same.
  6. Next, put a click on Add printers. The purpose of clicking is evident; this lets the user in getting connected with the Google Account with the Google Print service. One may add any available printers
  7. Now go for selecting ‘Manage Your Printers.’ This is going to take the user to Google Print.
  8. Now select Printers from the menu that appears at the left. One can find here a complete line-up of the printers that are connected with the system that you are using.

It is here to note that upon printing something from the Chrome browser, the connected printers are going to appear to be selected as the output platform.

Set up a Cloud-Ready Printer

Those who are having a cloud-connected printer, the modes of set-up often alter in terms of the brand of the concerned printer. However, nothing is there to worry about as Google has a complete guide for every printer maker having cloud-integrated hardware.

First of all, select ‘Add a Cloud Ready Printer’ upon visiting the menu on the left side. This is going to take the user to the concerned Google Print page containing methods meant for cloud-integrated printers built by Canon. It also has instructions for Dell, Epson, HP, and Kodak.

Now, all that it needs is to find the manufacturer of the concerned printer and follow the instructions for setting up Google Print.

Steps to Print Using Google Print

  1. Go to the menu icon available at the top-right corner of the Chrome Web browser.
  2. Select Print from the menu.
  3. Put a lick on Change, which can be found under Destination within the menu.
  4. Select the desired destination.
  5. Adjust things like Page Range, Layout, Orientation, Margins, etc.
  6. Select Print from the Options section on the left side.

Following the steps above, one can easily get the print from a Chromebook. All that needs to be ensured is that the desired printer for having output is selected well, and the orientations are selected thoroughly.