How To Connect Bumble To Instagram

Bumble is one of the best dating apps to date. Instagram, on the other hand, is also known as the biggest photo and video sharing social app throughout the world. Connecting your Instagram account in Bumble can make you share more photos with your matches. It can make you become more attractive to other users, which will also increase your matches. 


 The steps are just easy. Here is how you can link your Instagram on Bumble:

  1. Open your Bumble account. 
  1. Look for “Edit Profile.”
  1. Search for “Connect Your Instagram,” then select. 
  1. Provide your Instagram details- username and password. 
  1. Authorize Bumble to access your Instagram data. 

That’s it. Your Instagram account is now connected to Bumble. 

Note 1: Only 24 of your latest photos from Instagram will be displayed on your Bumble profile. 

Note 2: Your Instagram username will not be displayed on your Bumble profile (And that’s good news, especially for security purposes!) Indeed, you cannot expect privacy in social media apps. But if you want to protect it, it is a smart idea to make your username in Instagram and profile name in Bumble different. 

Note 3: You cannot choose the photos you want to display on Bumble from your Instagram account. Please read note 1. 

Here are the tips on how you can have the best Instagram photos displayed on your Bumble account:

  1. Before you should connect your Instagram account on Bumble, check the 24 of your most recent photos on Instagram.
  2. If you find some of these photos uninteresting and unattractive, then try to delete them. Or maybe, you can add more photos. Remember that your last 24 photos will be displayed on your Bumble profile. 
  3. Don’t reverse the process. Remember that your photos from Instagram will automatically be displayed on your Bumble profile once you already selected “Connect Your Instagram.”  

Note 4: You are not allowed to connect multiple Instagram accounts on your Bumble profile. As of now, you can only have one Instagram account connected to Bumble. 

Sharing more photos on Bumble is a fun way to connect more with your match. Providing more photos can help your match tell your personality. It is also true in your case. If your match is also connected to Instagram, you will be able to access his photos. This can make you decide if you really want to meet your match in person. 


Gone are the days when there is a huge difference between your profile and your real life. Dating online is hard, especially that we can fake almost anything on the internet. But with Bumble, it feels safe and secure to know the Instagram profile of your match. It’s like connecting the gap between reality and online dating. Yes, they are just pictures, but as we always say, “pictures paint a thousand words!” It can make us tell if, in reality, it’s really a match. Anyway, the main purpose of dating apps is literally to find you a date. Who knows, Bumble is where you can find your better half.