How To Clear Twitch Chat History

There can be tens of thousands of people watching a single stream on Twitch at the same time. For some popular streamers, the number can reach even a million. This streaming platform has now become mainstream. Everyone knows about it.


People sign up to Twitch every day and the number of users keeps on growing. The reason for that is the interest in gaming. Gamers love to watch skilled streamers show off their abilities. They also love to share their talent and teach people to play the games.

It is ideal for anyone who wants to watch live streams and meet new online friends every day. Now, in a community such as this one, it is only normal to get spam on your chat. Especially if you are a famous streamer.

Twitch chat can quickly get overwhelmed. Plenty of people will be typing and you will have a lot to scroll through. That’s why it is important to make use of all the options Twitch has to offer.

How to Remove All Messages?

There is a certain line between inappropriate comments and pure spam. What you want to do in this case, is take complete control of your Twitch chat. If you don’t want to scroll through it anymore, you will have to delete the entire Chat history on your current live stream. This is possible.

But, for many people, this is an option that often gets overlooked. Only recently, Twitch added the option to delete one particular message. Before the update, such an option was impossible. No wonder why many people don’t know it exists.

To enable the feature, you need to make use of the moderator option. The moderator option gives you access to commands that help you manage your chat on Twitch. These commands can range from deleting a single message to deleting every single one of them.

If you want to remove all the messages, enable “Mod Icons”. To do that, go to the cog icon on the bottom side of your Twitch chat. Open the “Settings” menu and enable the “Mod Tools”. This will give you control over your chat.

Next, type in the following command in your chat: “/clear”. This particular command will wipe your chat history. Any message or comment someone posted will be completely removed. This is an option only chat moderators can enable.

Without the “Mod Icons” on, this command won’t work. So, make sure to enable it first. That’s about it. Now you have successfully cleared your chat history on Twitch.


Many people use Twitch. That’s why it is important to monitor the chat and clear it from time to time. Popular streamers will always come across someone who wants to post mean or insulting comments.

To avoid triggering any of your viewers, you might want to clear the chat history before it creates a problem. Or if the chat is too much to handle and you hate scrolling through it, you can always delete all the messages. Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and give this command a try.