How To Clear Recommendations On Twitch

What can you do if Twitch keeps showing you the same recommendations over and over? Can you clear recommendations on Twitch?


The more you use Twitch, the more it learns what you like to watch and what you don’t. Like many other streaming services, the intention is to tune the app so it delivers the content you want to see with little of the stuff you don’t. With a healthy sprinkling of sponsored content in there of course!

You can clear recommendations on Twitch. This just means telling the algorithm to forget the particular streams you told it are of no interest to you. The app will relearn what you like and what you don’t like and hopefully will eventually only show you the streams you are interested in. I have used Twitch for years now and it still doesn’t work properly for me. Hopefully you will have more luck.

Clear recommendations in Twitch

The process is slightly different depending on whether you use desktop browser or mobile. I’ll show you both.

Remove recommendations in the browser.

  1. Log into Twitch as usual.
  2. Select the Discover tab and find ‘Recommended Live Channels’.
  3. Select a recommendation from the list and select the three dot menu icon beside it.
  4. Select ‘I am not interested in this recommendation’.
  5. Repeat for all irrelevant recommendations.

The mobile app uses the same principles but slightly different controls.

  1. Open Twitch on your phone and select Discover.
  2. Select a recommendation you’re not interested in and tap the three dot menu icon.
  3. Select the purple popup that says ‘I am not interested in this recommendation’.

If you accidentally remove something you are interested in, you should see the option to Undo when you select the three dot menu icon once more. You can also go to Settings in Discord and reset your preferences from there. Scroll down the page to Recommendations and you should see a list of those you have cleared or blocked. You can remove them as you see fit.

Use a script to clear recommendations in Twitch

There is a neat script on GitHub that offers an extra control over recommendations but also other streams too. It requires you use a browser and the script manager Tampermonkey for it to work but is otherwise very straightforward.

  • Install Tampermonkey for your browser.
  • Download the script from GitHuband install it into Tampermonkey.
  • Hover your cursor over a recommendation or any stream.
  • Select Block or Settings from the new popup menu that appears.

This script is pretty useful. I tested it out and it works well. You can block streams or games and can unblock them if you’re accidentally overzealous. The script hasn’t been updated in a few months but still works in newer versions of Chrome and Firefox so is worth checking out.

Recommendations in Twitch

Twitch uses an algorithm like Hulu or Netflix to identify what you like and what you don’t. The more you use the app, the more data it has to identify the streams you watch most and those you don’t. Over time, it will begin showing you more of the streams you’re interested in and fewer of those you don’t. That’s the theory anyway.

We all know that these algorithms don’t always work. I use Twitch and Netflix and neither algorithm works too well. For one, I am constantly shown stuff I would never watch. Second, I know I also miss out on things I would watch because the algorithm is too busy trying to show me what it thinks I want to see.

Like Netflix, Twitch doesn’t have an option to wipe personal preferences from the app. Instead, you have to log into your Recommendations and manually remove them one by one. Much like you do with Viewing History in Netflix. The only way I know of to start over is to remove all of the recommendations and begin again. This only stops the blocks but won’t stop the algorithm recommending streams you have form for watching.

Again like Netflix, the only way I know of to truly reset your viewing is to set up a new profile and delete the old. That’s fine if you’re a viewer and don’t have Nitro, too many friends in Twitch or are not a streamer but gets complicated if you do.

Do you know any ways of resetting the Twitch algorithm without having to set up a new account? Tell us below if you do!