How To Clear Recommendations On Twitch

How to clear recommendations on Twitch

What isTwitch

Twitch was started in 2011 as an online streamingservice for a range of digital broadcasts that mainly consisted of video games.Since then it has expanded to include a wide range of activities including talkshows, music, artwork creation and some television shows. Each month will seeover 2 million different streamers adding their own unique content to the site.Nearly 20,000 of these people earn money through a partner program where theycan get subscribers to their particular streams. Twitch itself is free of anycharges and you don’t even need to join if you don’t want to. By joining andopening an account you are able to create a Favourites list and take part inChat rooms for streamers.

Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 and it has since becomeone of the highest source for internet traffic in all of North America.

Twitch can be seen from the original website or through a Twitch app that are available for a variety of devices including Android and iOS, Sony Play Stations, Xbox, Fire TV, Roku and Google Chromecast.

What do Iwatch

On the front page or home screen of the Twitch app andon their website you will see a list of recommendations suggested by Twitch atthat time. Choose something you like the sound of and watch away. Anothermethod to find a stream to watch is to browse through the Games section. Alsoavailable to browse through is Communities, Creative, popular and Discover.These are all ways of searching through streaming videos.

If you are looking for particular streamers to watchbut are not sure yet take a look at their Instagram and Twitter accounts. Tryusing the wording Twitch stream, streamer and Twitch streamer to get youstarted.

Clearrecommendations from Twitch

Twitch will offer you Recommendations that are basedon what you have previously watched. Sometimes these Recommendations are notanything you might ever choose to watch. You are able to remove aRecommendation simply.

  1. Look for the three vertical dots next to the Recommendation.

  2. Select ‘I am not interested in this recommendation’ and it will be removed for you. It can apply to a category, section or to a streamer.

After you have successfully removed a recommendationyou will get different choices next time you visit the Home page.

Searchingfor Games

Searching through thousands of games looking for one you might like seems like an onerous task. You are able to select filters to only search in the genre you want. After you join you are able to enter the Chat room for that game and start a conversation with others who are as passionate about the game as you are.

It is notjust about games now

Though Twitch began as a streaming device for videogames it now has a much broader content. There are now various live streamssuch as Talk Shows and In Real Life, where streamers chat with viewers in realtime.

In the Talk Shows category you can find podcasts,variety shows, cooking shows as well as panel discussions on a range of topics.

In the Creative category you will find a variety ofartists such as Cosplayers, animators and programmers who will share how theycreate their masterpieces.

Join thesocial network

Twitch has now become a social network similar toFacebook where you can message and connect with a variety of people.

What is aTwitch partner

In order to become a partner with twitch you will needto a seasoned streamer with a popular account and a large number of followers.Certain criteria need to be met in order to become a partner. Partners can earnmoney as they are given a percentage of the money from ads broadcast on theirstreams. Partners can also get paid for subscriptions to their channel and earnmoney that way.