How To Clear Firestick Cache

Firestick is a device that focuses on video streaming. You can use it to watch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music on your TV. It even has games that you can play. Of course, the experience is not as good as what you get playing with a PC or a console. Still, this could be useful for certain times.


However, this is a tiny device. Although you can stream videos in 4k, the device lacks the storage space of a PC. Therefore, don’t expect to have the same performance when running apps under almost full storage. 

Usually, when the storage is running out, you will start to experience lag, slow time response, and the app crashes. And nobody likes this. So you have four options, cleaning app data, cache, cookies, or restore your device to its default settings. Obviously, you don’t want to even think to restore your device; this should be the last option. 

Clearing cache is the easiest and fastest solution to this problem. Fortunately, in most cases, either a corrupted or big cache is often the culprit. 

Step 1

Go to the Home screen of the Firestick. Swing to the settings option, which is at the end of the top menu.

Step 2

As you enter into the settings page, a new set of options will unfold before you. Choose the application option.

Step 3

Now, click on the manage installed applications. There you can also take a look at your current storage available space. If it is almost full, your problem is likely caused by it. 

Step 4

Select the app that you are having trouble with and click it. 

Step 5

After you click it, you will see three new options. Choose “clear cache”, which is the second option from the top-down. 

If the problem persists, repeat the same procedure, but choose “clear data” instead of “clear cache”.

Sadly, no button allows you to entirely wipe the cache out. Therefore, you have to repeat this as many times as apps you have. Yes, I know, it is a major bummer. 

The problem with cache is that, sometimes, it takes too much storage space. This is more common with big apps and apps that you use constantly. Therefore, as the cache grows, you will have less storage to handle the new cache. Remember that these temporary files are crucial for the app to run smoothly. If there is a problem with them, your device will have problems.


The best advice to avoid experiencing lag, crashes, or sudden errors is to not overwhelm the device. In other words, try to leave some storage space unused. And try to clear the cache every once in a while; this way you won’t spend so much time clearing out all at the same time.

If after clearing cache, data, and cookies (when applies) you still have the same problem, you have to restore the device to factory settings. But as said before, clear all these files first before trying to reset it.