How To Clear Continue Watching On Twitch

Twitch is an app that focuses on video game streaming. Users can stream live as they game, while others can watch and talk with the other viewers. So, it is like YouTube but for the gaming community. 


You can choose among different streamers who play different games such as Fortnite, Age of Empires, or Overwatch. If you want to receive notification about any new content posted on the channel, you can either follow or subscribe to it. What is the difference? Subscription is paid plans that offer its holders benefits like unique alerts and emotes and an ad-free experience. 

When you subscribe to a channel, you are supporting the streamer because he/she will earn money, and can upgrade his/her setup. Hence, you are helping him/her to create more, and better content. So, as you can see, it is a win-win situation.

However, not everything is fun and games. As happens with other streaming services, you will get annoying suggestions and notifications that are somehow related to the content that you are watching. Nobody likes that; if you neither subscribe or follow a channel, you surely won’t like to see notifications from such channel. There is also the continue watching notifications, which appear when you don’t finish a video.

Here, you will learn how to avoid such alerts and stop them from appearing. 

Step 1

Head to, to download a web browser extension capable of supporting scripts.

Step 2

After downloading the extension, a monkey icon will appear at the top right corner.

Step 3

Now go to and download the script. 

Step 4

As soon as the script is downloaded, the extension will automatically open it, in a new window.

Step 5

Go to the top right corner and click on the confirm installation button. Once done, the script will be added to the browser. Go to the window where your twitch account open. Refresh the page. 

Step 6

After the page loads again, the monkey icon should have a number 1 icon beneath it. This is the indication that it worked. Now, your feed should be clear of any suggestions and alerts related to other channels.

This is one way to get your twitch clear of annoying notifications. If you can’t handle them, or can’t wait until they cease to appear, you should try this.

It could be useful to have an adblocker too. However, not all free ad blockers support the twitch interface. So, they should not be your first option. Another helpful thing is to clear your web browser’s cookies and history or open your twitch account from an incognito window. This way, twitch won’t have the information needed to send you such notifications.

Now, nothing will temper with your usual twitch experience. You will just watch the things that you want and avoid any content that you don’t like. Say no more to the “continue watching” notification and other annoying alerts that come within twitch interface; take control of your feed today!