How To Clear Bluetooth Cache On The Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a superb phone. In my opinion it is the best smartphone on the market right now for a number of reasons, not least is the quality of the screen. If it has one shortfall it’s Bluetooth. For some reason the phone seems to lose connection way too easily and will often have trouble maintaining a Bluetooth pair. One way to remedy that is to clear the Bluetooth cache on the Samsung Galaxy S10.


It isn’t the only fix for Bluetooth issues so I’ll cover most of the popular methods of fixing this error.

Clear Bluetooth cache on the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a cache for everything including Bluetooth settings. A very effective way of fixing pairing issues is to clear this cache. It forces the phone to reload the Bluetooth config from the core files rather than cached files which can make it work properly again.

  1. Open the Settings app on your S10.
  2. Select Application Manager and select the three dot menu icon in the top right.
  3. Select Show System Apps and scroll to Bluetooth.
  4. Select Storage and select Clear Cache.
  5. Reboot your phone.

The principle works in the same way clearing an app cache works. Rather than relying on cached data for faster access to files, Android has to rebuild the cache from core files. If there was a corruption or missing file causing your issues, it should now be fixed and Bluetooth should work again.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy S10

Clearing the Bluetooth cache on a Samsung Galaxy S10 is just one of the ways we can fix issues with Bluetooth. There are a range of other tricks we can use to get it working again or pairing as it should. Here are some other effective methods of getting Bluetooth working again.

Restart Bluetooth

This would usually be the first thing you try when having connectivity issues. Swipe down the notification area and turn off Bluetooth. Give it a couple of seconds and turn it back on again. If you’re trying to pair or have lost a pair, turn Bluetooth off on the paired device too. Then turn them both on and see if they connect.

Restart the devices

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a very stable phone but it will occasionally need a reboot to get things working again. A reboot should fix the problem if it’s a file or driver problem as everything is reloaded from Android core. While you’re rebooting your phone, reboot the paired device too, just in case.

Update your phone

In theory, requiring a driver update should not stop Bluetooth working unless both devices use the same driver and there is a mismatch. That said, oftentimes, updating Android or the app you’re using Bluetooth with can address certain issues. If a reboot of the devices didn’t work and you have cleared the Bluetooth cache, check for updates.

Your phone as a whole will benefit and it usually takes just a couple of minutes. Check for Android updates and check for app updates in Google Play Store.

Make sure the app isn’t sleeping

Android uses a power saving mechanism to save battery life called Sleeping Apps. The idea was to have a middle ground between shutting an app down and leaving it alive in the background. Sleeping Apps put apps into stasis where they can be called quickly by the phone but don’t use processor or battery. Sleeping apps cannot maintain a Bluetooth connection as that uses battery.

  1. Select Settings from your phone.
  2. Select Sleeping apps from the list and select the app you’re using with Bluetooth.
  3. Make sure it is not on the list of sleeping apps.

If the app is on the list, deselect it from that list and retest. If the app is not sent to the Sleeping App list then it should be able to draw from the battery and maintain a Bluetooth connection.

Reset network settings on your Samsung Galaxy S10

This is something of an extreme method but if you have tried everything else and it hasn’t worked, you don’t have much choice. Your device can soon be set up again but will take a minute.

  1. Select Settings and General Management.
  2. Select Reset and Reset Network Settings.
  3. Select Reset Network Settings to confirm the reset.

Your phone should pick up your cell network quickly enough but you will need to manually set up your WiFi connection again. Any Bluetooth pairs you had set up will need to be done again too.

Hopefully one of these tricks will get Bluetooth working on your Samsung Galaxy S10. If you have any other ways to fix Bluetooth, tell us about it in the comments section.