How To Check Your Internet Speed On An Amazon Firestick

Do always have to wait for movies to buffer before you can watch them? Does buffering take forever? People often have problems with buffering. Especially on the Firestick. But, before you start blaming your Fire TV, you should check your internet speed.


Your internet may be the main source of the problem. To know for sure, you need to test it. If you want to figure out how to check your internet speed on the Firestick, you’ve come to the right place. We have prepared an easy step-by-step guide for you. 

It will show all you need to do to check your internet. To see how fast or how slow it is. If you experience poor performance, then the internet could be the main culprit. So let’s get right to it. Here is how you can check your internet speed.  

Step 1

Turn on your Fire TV. Open any browser you have previously installed. In this particular example, we have decided to use Firefox. But, you can use whichever you prefer. Click on the browser to open it.

Step 2

Type in the link of the site that will check the internet speed for you. Here, we decided to use TroyPoint. You can also use SpeedTest or any other website that will measure your internet speed. When you are done typing the link, click on “Next” on the bottom-right corner. 


Step 3

You will have to scroll down a bit to see the “Start” button. Just press on the “Down” arrow on your remote control until you see this option. Click on it to start the test.


Step 4

The speed test will now begin. Wait until the testing is done. It may take a couple of seconds or more. It depends on how slow or fast your internet is. 

Step 5

When the testing is done, you will get a final report. Here you can see how your internet is doing. If the arrow is on the green side, it means the internet is pretty fast. If it’s on the red side, your internet is too slow. Slow internet means very slow buffering. It could be the main reason for your problem.


Now that you know how to access this test, go ahead and give it a try. Type in the address you want and test your internet speed. 

It will give you a general idea of how your internet is. You will see the download, upload, latency, and jitter. Everything you want to know will be within reach. All it takes is a few minutes. You will have the report ready as soon as the testing is complete.


If you can’t watch a movie in peace because the buffering is too slow, your internet might be the cause of it. To know for sure, you need to check out the internet speed. This is a good way to keep your internet in check. You will know what to expect and deal with the problem. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.