How To Check If Twitch Is Linked To Warframe

Twitch should need no introduction. The chat app that took over from TeamSpeak and seems to be set for global domination until Mixer came along. Warframe may not be quite so familiar but if you’re a gamer who likes shooters, you might want to check it out. Linking these two can reap in-game rewards and if you haven’t done it yet, you should. Let’s check if Twitch is linked to Warframe.


Twitch is the game streamer’s platform of choice for the moment. It has been around for years, offers a simple, reliable platform to stream games and even has a way to earn money while you do it. It’s an engaging platform that allows you to stream, watch streams and chat as much as you like, for free.

Warframe is a free-to-play shooter from Digital Extremes. It’s actually pretty good for an F2P game and not pay-to-win like many. It’s fun, rich in content and is probably a close second to Destiny 2 now that is F2P too.

Linking Twitch to Warframe

Twitch, like Discord offers special in-game items for linking the two accounts. In return for some of your data, you get a range of items depending on what you’re doing. The current items include the Broca Prominence Syandana which is unique to Twitch and some unique drops for watching streams featuring the game.

If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you get a bunch of other goodies too but they are a mystery.

Checking if Twitch is linked to Warframe is similar to actually linking it so I’ll cover both here.

  1. Navigate to the Warframe website and log in.
  2. Hover over your username at the top of the screen and select Account Management.
  3. Scroll down to where you see Twitch Sync.

If you see a Twitch account listed here, your game is linked. If you see ‘Click here to link’, it isn’t. To link your account, select that link, add your Twitch login details, allow Warframe access to your account and you’re good. You should then see a confirmation screen saying something like ‘Account Successfully Linked’.

Why you should link Twitch to Warframe

Warframe was one of the first games to work with Twitch in offering goodies in return for linking and interacting. Both have refined the process and the rewards steadily over time to offer some fairly decent items in return for some interaction or other.

Currently the items include the Broca Prominence Syandana and some other stuff. That other stuff includes:

Twitch Drops: Watch a Warframe stream (Between 30 minutes and an hour). Once complete, you should see a new item in your Warframe inbox.

Twitch Partner Drops: Watch an official Warframe Partner’s Twitch stream during a specified schedule for an amount of time. Once complete, you should see a new item in your Warframe inbox.

Twitch Monster Drops: If a Twitch target appears in game and is killed by the streamer, all viewers of the stream will receive a drop delivered to their Warframe inbox.

Troubleshooting Twitch Warframe drops

This entire system depends on the link between Twitch and Warframe working perfectly. It does most of the time, but not always. If you find your drops not appearing, the official fix is to unlink your accounts and link them all over again. It won’t help you with the drop you lost but might stop it happening again.

  1. Follow this link to the Warframe website unlink page.
  2. Log in and confirm the link removal.
  3. Head over to Twitch and check for Warframe in Other Connections.
  4. Select Disconnect and confirm.
  5. Follow the process at the top for linking Warframe to Twitch.
  6. Go back to Twitchand refresh the page to make sure the two are linked.

Make sure the username is correct and everything looks okay and the next drop should appear as normal. This is the only fix I could find for this situation so is possibly your only hope.

If this doesn’t work and you have multiple Twitch or Warframe accounts, make sure you have linked the right accounts. I have seen on Reddit a few people who have complained about drops not appearing when they have linked the wrong Twitch or the wrong Warframe account. It’s a simple thing to get wrong but you should never underestimate those simple things!

Do you know any other fixes for drops not happening. Having issues linking Twitch to Warframe. Tell us about it below if you do!