How To Check If IPVanish Is Working On The Amazon Firestick

Even if you haven’t installed Kodi or another sideloaded app onto your Amazon Firestick, you should still use a VPN when streaming. ISPs can collect and sell your browsing data, an insecure WiFi network is susceptible to surveillance or hacking and it is nobody’s business but yours what you do online. This tutorial is going to walk you through installing the IPVanish VPN and how check if IPVanish is working on the Amazon Firestick.


IPVanish is one of many VPN providers on the market but was one of, if not the, first to offer an app for the Amazon Firestick. Alongside decent pricing, good security and ease of use, it makes IPVanish a VPN worth checking out if you’re in the market.

The Amazon Firestick is totally legal to use. It is also legal to install Kodi on it and to stream using Kodi. Using Kodi to access copyrighted content is where things get tricky. It isn’t always clear which channels are legal and which are not so it makes sense to always be protected with a VPN. A good quality VPN will not slow your traffic or interrupt streaming so you won’t even notice it.

What a VPN will do is protect your privacy. Even if you have nothing to hide, your personal information is not a commodity to be sold.

Install IPVanish on an Amazon Firestick

As IPVanish offers an app specially for the Firestick, installing and setting up is a breeze. Once installed, all you’ll need to do is check it is connected every time you use your device.

IPVanish isn’t free so you will need an account for this to work. Sign up here before you move on.

  1. Turn on your TV and Firestick.
  2. Access Apps and Categories on your Firestick.
  3. Select Utility and search for IPVanish.
  4. Select the app and select Get.
  5. Select Open once downloaded.
  6. Log in using the account details you registered with above.
  7. Select a VPN server to use and wait for the connection.

That’s all there is to it. All of your streaming data is now encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Nobody will be able to see what you’re doing or what you’re streaming. Even if you’re accessing totally legal streams, it’s nobody else’s business what you do online!

When it comes to selecting a VPN server, I suggest using the USA as the country but selecting ‘Best Available’ for city and server. This will automatically select the fastest VPN server currently available to provide the best service.

Check if IPVanish is working on the Amazon Firestick

If you want to make sure IPVanish is working, you can do that fairly easily. You will need to know your external IP address before you switch the VPN on and can then compare your new IP address when you enable IPVanish.

If you use Firefox on your Firestick, you can visit this site to see a map of where your current IP address is located and an outline of who the ISP is, your web host, your IP address, city and even the latitude and longitude of where that IP address is set from. That link doesn’t work on other browsers, just Firefox.

If you have another browser on your Firestick, you can use It works on any browser and gives a similar map and IP data outline of your current IP address. You will see the ISP, city, state and country, plus your specific IP address in the box on the map.

The process would go something like this:

  1. Open one of those websites above without your VPN running to identify your real IP address.
  2. Turn on IPVanish and let it connect.
  3. Refresh the page on the website you used to see your new IP address.

If the IP address has changed, the VPN is working. If the address is the same, you’re not connected to the VPN.

You can also check to see if your VPN is connected by logging into your router, using a phone app or some other way. As long as you know your real external address first, you will always be able to tell whether IPVanish or other VPN is working on the Amazon Firestick.

IPVanish is not the only VPN service to work on the Firestick so you don’t have to use that service. As long as you select a VPN with no logging and at least 256-bit encryption, you should be good to go.